Bitching and Moaning

Chicago Doesn’t Get a Space Shuttle

By now everyone must have heard the big news of the day. (OK, the big news in my world.) Chicago will not be getting one of the retired Space Shuttles. Discovery will go to the National Air and Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center in Virginia, which is certainly reasonable. They already have the Enterprise (named after […]

Shut Up About Yer Damned Snow!

Geez, every frickin’ time I gotta hear about it! A snowstorm hits the east coast, and it’s national news. You know why? Because that’s where all the news organizations have their big offices–New York and Washington–and it’s not really news until it happens to them. But you know what? North American weather patterns move from […]

Census Form! Entrapment! Beware!

I just got my 2010 Census form in the mail. I assume some of you got one too. You may have noticed that the cover letter includes the following paragraph: This is your official 2010 Census form. We need your help to count everyone in the United States by providing basic information about all the […]

The Silence of the Lames: MPD Edition (Updated)

See update, below.  Timmy Dolan isn’t taking the disgrace of his deparment lying down; he’s issued a stern memo decrying . . . . . . the criticism.  Sigh.   The Minnesota Metro Gang Strike Force scandal continues to unravel; hopefully some of the various coverups will, as well, sooner than later.  Among the latest […]

Stuck In Computer Limbo

A couple of weeks ago, my main computer started crashing. Sometimes Windows would just hang, not responding to the keyboard or mouse, and sometimes I’d walk in to find it sitting there displaying the Blue Screen of Death. This happened two or three times a day. I’m running a pair of Seagate Barracuda 500GB hard […]

Drug-War Scum

Reason‘s Jacob Sullum points us to the story of New Orleans District Attorney Keva Landrum-Johnson’s new policy of inflating her felony prosecution statistics by charging minor marijuana offenders with felonies. Lousiana law allows second and following offenses to be charged as felonies, but hardly anyone ever did it before. In the comments section, Andrew quotes […]

Zip Code Snobbery?

Kip Esquire has all the details from a New York Times article about changes in the 10021 zip code written by Sam Roberts, who warns us that “ZIP codes may not have the cachet they once did.” Roberts recounts a few reactions: “The truth is, there are some people whose whole identity is their ZIP […]

Command Performance: Things That Make My Blood Boil

I am popular with the ladies this week. First there was 17-year old Sammi who likes my photography but thinks I’m creepy. Then, late last night I got some email from a young lady: Hello! Yes, this is strange, I’ve never emailed a random blogger before. Let me just interrupt and say that I get […]

The Pain of Taxation

I just sent $865.96 of my hard-earned money to the United States Government. Then I sent $246.60 to the State of Illinois. I feel pretty stupid about it, but it has to be done. In fact, it has to be done several times a year. I incorporated my software consulting business a few years ago, […]

One of Those Weeks…

I haven’t been posting anything because I’ve been having a rough week. My car’s oil light lit up on Saturday just as I pulled up at a friend’s house. There was plenty of oil according to the dipstick, so I decided to leave the car there until Monday then have it towed to the shop. […]


Ah ha! I just found the income tax software I bought back in December. I’ve been looking for that. Plenty of time. Plenty of time…