Bioethicists Who Give Ethicists a Bad Name

I remember that when I first heard of Jack Marshall, who blogs at Ethics Alarms, my opinion of him was colored by the fact that he claimed to be a professional “ethicist.” I had a strong negative reaction to that word. It sounded to me like a self-aggrandizing title that someone would make up for […]

Fear Itself is Fear Enough

A few months ago I saw squirrel get hit by a car. I had just noticed it starting to cross the street when it spotted an approaching car and froze on the pavement. It was probably safe where it was, but I could see it was overwhelmed by fear and I knew, a second before […]

Aspire to Improve Yourself, Just Don’t Actually Do It

…growth hormone to make children taller; pre-implantation genetic screening of embryos; stimulants to boost performance on exams and at work; anti-depressants to improve moods; and medicines such as Viagra and anabolic steroids that restore some of the powers of youth. Just over the horizon, he foresees drugs to erase painful or shameful memories or to […]

Can I Have That In Writing?

In Best of the Web Today for October 28, James Taranto quotes from a Larry King interview with Michael Schiavo, who is trying to get the hospital to stop feeding his wife Terri, who is in a vegetative state, so that she will die: Schiavo: […] This is Terri’s wish. This is Terri’s choice. King: […]