When Geese Attack: The Butcher’s Bill

As I blogged about earlier, a few weeks ago I ended up driving the RAV4 through an unexpected flock of low-flying geese. I ended up taking out two of them, and they ended up taking out the RAV’s grill and the left headlight. The bodyshop guy guessed it would cost at least $1000 to fix. […]

More Minor Automotive Adventures

After last week’s goose strike incident, we dropped off the Toyota RAV4 at the body shop and settled in to use our 14-year-old Dodge Neon. That lasted until Wednesday when, while driving my wife home from work, I noticed a sharp burning smell in the passenger cabin. It wasn’t an odor I recognized. It wasn’t […]

When Geese Attack

Remember a few days ago when I mentioned that someone broke the driver’s side window on our old Dodge Neon? Well, the very next day I was driving my wife to work in our Toyota RAV4. We were in Arlington Heights, and as I turned off the main road, we passed a grassy area where […]

A Short Film About Owning an SUV

One of these days I’ll produce a video with some substantive content. But in the meantime, I’m just fooling around with the camera and editing software, trying to learn a thing or two about making videos. This is me trying to teach myself how to use edited video to tell a story. A pointless story, […]

RAV4 Blogging – 5000 Miles Behind the Wheel

[Update: It occurs to me that journalistic ethics require me to explicitly point out that the front license plate has been photoshopped in.] My wife and I bought a brand new Toyota RAV4 in February, and we just hit the 5000 mile mark, so I thought I’d post a bit about our experience, in case […]

RAV4 Blogging – Why a Tachometer?

Earlier this evening I realized I didn’t know why my RAV4 has a tachometer to show engine RPM. My Camry had one too. I don’t think I ever look at it except to tell if the engine is already running. What is that doing for me, really? With a manual transmission, the tachometer could prevent […]

RAV4 Blogging – 10 Days Behind the Wheel

We’ve had the new Toyota RAV4 for about 10 days, and I have a few observations: There’s a little digital display in the middle of the dashboard with some numbers on it, but when I first saw it I couldn’t figure out where the odometer was. After a moment, I realized that the odometer must be […]

Choosing an SUV

After my trusty old Camry gave up the ghost, my wife and I decided to buy an SUV. It was a big deal for me, so I’m going to be blogging about it a bit, in case anyone is interested. Buying an SUV is insanely complicated because the category covers a lot of vehicles designed […]

Time For a New Car

Ever since we bought our last car in 1998, my wife and I have been thinking that our next car should be an SUV of some kind. Our 1997 Camry feels roomy inside, but that’s because of good ergonomics. If you try to fit in something not shaped like a human, like a bunch of […]

Rear Wheel Drive Flashback

Chicago just got pounded with a lot of snow, and driving in it is turning out to be an educational experience. Or maybe I should say a re-educational experience. After 190,000 miles, my Toyota Camry finally gave up the ghost a few weeks ago. I haven’t got a new car yet, but a friend was […]