I have nothing substantive to say about Anthony Weiner’s latest zany antics, so I’ll just share this performance by Kristin Chonoweth on The Tonight Show, singing a parody of “Popular” […]

At about this time every year when I was in college, my friend Todd Cohen used to complain about all the businesses that would wish everyone a “Merry Christmas and […]

In graduate school I had the most trouble staying awake in finance lectures. I always thought finance had to be just about the most boring topic ever. French MEP Rachida […]

Here’s something you don’t see everyday in the news: Stable hand charged with assaulting horse A worker at Arlington Park racetrack has been arrested and charged with having sexual conduct […]

Meet the God of Tetris, master of blocks. If you’ve played Tetris, his last words will haunt you.

In case you didn’t know, the 2005 Weblog Awards are running right now. There’s a 10-day voting period which ends on December 15th. Like all things in the blogosphere, the […]