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Mark Draughn ProfileThere are other bloggers on this site who can rightly say they are a Windypundit, but I’m the only one who is The Windypundit. I’ve been ranting here since July of 2002 when it was still not completely lame to name your blog somethingpundit. Although I’ve lived in Chicago all my life, and the blog is named after the city, Windypundit is not a blog about Chicago.

By training and trade, I am a software developer. I spent about 15 years doing it full time in an office, and then I spent another 10 years doing it as consultant working out of my own home, with clients in Illinois, Indiana, and Maryland. Now I’m back to working full time for a large corporation. I enjoy software development a lot, but I won’t be writing about it very much here.

Windypundit is a blog about civil liberties, criminal justice, economics, and scientific thinking. I also sometimes write about photography, technology, culture, and cats. Really, it’s about whatever I feel like writing about.

In addition to Windypundit (which is pretty much a solo blog despite having a few other contributors), I also sometimes post to the group blog Nobody’s Business. I’m also an occasional contributor to When Falls the Coliseum, and I used to be a community reporter for the Chi-Town Daily News before it closed.

There was a time when I made money from ads on Windypundit, but after annual earnings declined to the low 3-figures, I took the ads down. They may go up again once traffic picks up.

Note: My opinions here are mine alone, and they do not in any way represent the views of any current or former employers or clients.