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“Obama Loves American Car Workers”

…and hates American car owners. Over at In These Times, the President of the United Steelworkers International union, Leo Gerard, is praising President Obama for propping up politically connected businesses, although that’s not quite how he puts it: President Barack Obama…has given some love to American car companies and American car workers. He also gave […]

Last Resort – Review

Last Resort is the new military-themed dramatic series by Shawn Ryan, creator of The Shield and The Chicago Code. It premiers this Thursday, September 27, at 7 pm central time on ABC, and it looks intriguing enough to have a future. And don’t worry, it’s not as bad as the publicity materials make it look. (There are spoilers here, but […]

Why Puppycide?

The other day, someone asked Radley Balko why cops seem to shoot so many dogs. It seems Radley has become something of an expert on this subject. He’s the go-to guy on what everybody now calls puppycide. And this was his response: Because they can. No training, no consequences. That seemed like a pretty good […]

What the Death Penalty Deters

Jeff Gamso has an interesting post today about what may be the most common use of the death penalty: And there’s Jared Lee Loughner who might have been found insane rather than guilty of murder and locked away for the rest of his life after a trial rather than quickly pleading guilty and getting locked […]

Romney’s Disturbing Ignorance About the American Economy

The left has been going wild over Mitt Romney’s “47%” comment, and for good reason. What they may not realize is that a fair number of people on the free-market right aren’t too happy with it either, because it shows shocking ignorance of how the American economy works. Steve Chapman has a takedown of Mitt […]

Resident Evil: Retribution – Review

So my wife and I went to see Resident Evil: Retribution last weekend. We decided to splurge a bit on the tickets, because if we’re going to watch some trashy hot-chick violence porn, we really should watch it in IMAX 3D. This movie hits all the key points of the Resident Evil franchise: Zombies, soldiers, […]

Don’t Muslims Have Something More Important To Do?

In response to the violence in parts of the Muslim world over The Innocence of Muslims video, Eric Zorn is rightly puzzled: Why would a robust, enduring worldwide faith pay any mind whatsoever to assorted pesky critics? Don’t their conniptions over the blasphemies of infidels betray weakness rather than strength? What good is respect for […]

Stupid Muslim Fundamentalists?

When first I read the news that Muslim fundamentalists in Egypt were attacking the U.S. embassy in protest to a movie about Mohammad, my immediate reaction was that they were idiots. Someone, somewhere in the United States made a movie insulting their religion and they’re getting violently pissed off at the embassy? What a bunch […]

The 9/11 Memorial Is a Joke

I’ve been skeptical of the 9/11 memorial project before — it’s bigger than the World War II memorial in D.C. — and it turns out the costs are pretty outrageous.  

Christopher Darden is Apparently Still a Little Bitter

Seventeen years after O.J. Simpson got away with murder, prosecutor Christopher Darden announces he’s figured out why he lost: Former Los Angeles deputy district attorney Christopher Darden on Thursday accused Simpson’s defense lawyer, the late Johnnie Cochran, of “manipulating” one of the infamous gloves that the prosecution said linked Simpson to the grisly double murder […]

Joel’s Still Got It

Over at Simple Justice, Scott Greenfield has a nice tribute to the late Joel Rosenberg — gun rights advocate, science fiction author, husband, father, and one-time Windypundit co-blogger. When Joel died, Scott wrote a simple eulogy, which was recently visited by an anonymous commenter calling himself “Bill”: I’m glad this fat, POS is dead. Joel […]