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When Cops Forget To Fight Crime

Sometimes the police seem to forget they’re suppost to be stopping crime. For example, if the police discover that someone has stolen your car, you’d expect them to try to catch the thief and return your car to you. That’s not what the DEA did when they discovered that someone was using Craig Patty’s truck […]

Ten Years At the Keyboard

It was ten years ago today that Windypundit was born. For this anniversary, I’m going to tell you a bit about my approach to blogging, and my experience in writing a blog. Think of this as “How to Blog Like Windypundit” in one easy lesson. Perhaps those of you new to blogging will find something […]

New Yorkers Get Charitable Bail Funds

Over at Indefensible, criminal defense lawyer (and TV producer) David Feige writes: Finally, after almost three years of work, the New York State Legislature has passed our bill allowing charitable bail funds.  This is a big step toward alleviating one of the more tragic consequences of poverty in the criminal justice system–being forced to plead […]

Enslaving Our Kids

Over at Nobody’s Business, I finally get around to responding to Thomas Ricks’ idiotic New York Times op-ed: Proposed for your consideration: We should be allowed to hunt Thomas Ricks for sport. I’m sure it would be great fun for us, and I think that if skinned and properly tanned, his silver-haired visage would look great […]

Towards Shifting the Judicial Balance

In response to my noting that the Florida Supreme Court has approved the state’s policy of convicting people of possessing drugs without proving they did so knowingly (a problem not unique to Florida), someone named Paul Murray comments, Surely all that’s needed is to get a pickpocket to plant some grass clippings on these judges. […]

Why Prosecutor Blogs Are Less Fun

Given my libertarian views, it’s not suprising that I don’t entirely enjoy reading blogs by prosecutors. Even those who aren’t rabid law-and-order true believers still rub me the wrong way on certain subjects. For example, I’ve been reading Mark Pryor’s D.A. Confidential blog for years. He’s a good writer — see his Holding Hands With […]

Florida Court Makes it Easier to Unknowingly Commit Crimes

I like to think I know a thing or two about the excesses of the war on drugs, but I had no idea that the legal situation in Florida was this ugly: Florida will remain one of the only two states in the country that sends people to prison on drug possession charges without first […]

When DNA Evidence Doesn’t Prove Much

Some criminal defense bloggers are skeptical of the supposedly high reliability of DNA evidence. Since almost every other form of forensic testing is based on shaky scientific foundations, they figure it’s only a matter of time until DNA falls too. I don’t share their skepticism, at least not about the basic principles of DNA profiling. […]

“Happy White Peoples Independence Day”

Jack Marshall is peeved at Chris Rock over this tweet: Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks Jack thinks that’s “Ignorant, racist, divisive, unfair, disrespectful, bitter, dumb, and not funny.” I’ll give him bitter and not terribly funny, but Jack’s seriously overreacting to the rest of it. […]

The Natural Disaster We’re Having

[Update: I was far too pessimistic about the heatwave. According to Wikipedia, it killed 82 people, far fewer than I was worried about. I guess I am a bit of an alarmist after all.] Over at Breitbart, Joel B. Pollack is trying to use the recent heat wave against President Obama: With much of the […]