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Mega Millions Breakeven?

For those interested in the numbers, the Mega Millions jackpot stands at $540 million. That’s the estimated nominal value of the annuity payout over 25 years (26 payments, the first one is immediate and the rest are at the end of the year). That annunity is calculated based on the current cash prize pool of $389 […]

Krugman’s Silly Stand

Paul Krugman has a strange take on the Stand Your Ground law: Florida’s now-infamous Stand Your Ground law, which lets you shoot someone you consider threatening without facing arrest, let alone prosecution, sounds crazy — and it is. Florida’s Stand Your Ground law may or may not be crazy — the devil is in the […]

Take Off the Hoodie!

I’m sure you’ve all heard that Geraldo Rivera has diagnosed the problem in the Trevon Martin shoooting: He wore a hoodie! Geraldo’s case is, well, not entirely insane. People do react to the symbols you wear. Ask any ex-hippie from the ’60’s if he was harassed about his long hair. That’s not an entirely crazy […]

And Now Some News From the Alabama Judicial Races

Imagine how awesome it must be to live in Alabama, where voters get to choose their next Chief Justice on the Alabama Supreme Court. On the one hand, there’s the Republican candidate, Roy Moore. He had the job before, at least until a few years ago when he was kicked off the bench. He’s the judge who […]

I Feel a Bit Funny About This

Today I did something that probably would have disappointed my father if he were still alive: I voted in the Republican primary. My father was a yellow dog Democrat. Oh, there were a few Democrats he wouldn’t vote for — such as Tip O’Neill, whom he considered corrupt — but he would never have voted […]

Statistical Quality Control Meets the NYPD

I once heard a story — I’m not sure where, but it seemed reputable at the time — about a Ford automotive plant where one of the assembly line workers realized, after some time assembling cars, that he had been doing it wrong. He told his boss, and Ford had to pull hundreds of cars from […]

Marc Randazza – First Amendment Badass

I think I first heard of Marc Randazza when one of the other bloggers around here started calling him a “First Amendment Badass,” and that’s how I always think of him. I didn’t really encounter him, however, until Jon Katz posted this bit about Randazza a few years ago. I took the opportunity to poke […]

Our Stupid Debate on National Healthcare

I’ve held off writing anything about the whole contraceptives/Sandra Fluke/Rush Limbaugh mess because it’s a classic example of an important political debate turning trivial, stupid, and misogynistic. At the top level, we have the ongoing debate about how to reform the healthcare industry in this country. The current big and controversial plan is the Affordable […]

God Bless Bobcat Goldthwait’s America

I’m a Bobcat fan from way back, so I’ll probably want to go see this movie, which he wrote and directed, if it actually gets released to theaters. After which, there will probably be Congressional hearings.  

Mark Bennett Throws His Hat in the Ring

Oh my God. Seriously? Houston criminal defense lawyer Mark Bennett has just announced on his blog that he’s running for office as a Judge on the Texas Court of Appeals. It even brought Old Man Greenfield out of retirement. The good news is that he’d be a great person to have on the bench. The […]