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Jamison’s Tips For New Bloggers

Jamison Koehler has a post up on his blog offering tips for new bloggers. Although he wrote it specifically for legal bloggers, and some of the examples might not make sense if you don’t know the personalities, it’s good advice for anyone considering a new blog. If you’re thinking you might like to join the […]

Don’t Let Godwin’s Law Protect Totalitarians

I’ve always been wary of Godwin’s Law — the internet maxim which says that if you are in an argument and you compare someone or something to Hitler or the Nazis, you automatically lose the argument. (Actually, Mike Godwin’s original comment was more nuanced than Godwin’s Law has become today. Wikipedia has a nice summary.) Granted, […]

Dangers of Searching for a DUI Lawyer Online

If you’ve ever tried to use Google to find a lawyer for a DUI or traffic offense, you’ve probably stumbled across one of those relentlessly SEO optimized sites that isn’t actually a law firm but promises to put you in touch with a lawyer. Basically, they’re referral services. This always seemed annoying but harmless to […]

Goddesses and Falsifiability

My Nobody’s Business co-blogger Rogier has a pretty good article up about divine delusions v.s. observable reality. It’s a plea for rationality, even if faith and mysticism seem like more fun. As is often my way, I have a small quibble. Rogier and his opponent are discussing a Facebook poster’s insistence that a bit of […]

The Long Arm of the Justice Department

I know that everybody stuck here in the wake of the mortgage securities crisis hates bankers, but it still seems like there’s something wrong about this: The news for Wegelin, its headquarters nestled in the town of St. Gallen next to the Appenzell Alps near the German-Austrian borders, would only get worse. Six days later […]

Inappropriate At Work

I’m taking my employer’s mandatory security training course, and I just ran across this paragraph: The World Wide Web is a powerful tool for such tasks as research, communication, marketing and more. It provides access to more information than we could read in our lifetimes. Unfortunately, it has also become inundated with sites that are […]

Some Background for Thinking About Reasonable Doubt

A few months ago, after reading posts about the concept of reasonable doubt in our legal system by Scott Greenfield and Rick Horowitz, I decided to tackle the subject myself. Despite my facetious claim of a breakthrough, I didn’t really reach any great conclusions, but that didn’t keep me from rambling on for a while. […]