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Preventing Auto Accidents the Way the DEA Prevents Drug Diversion

Over 40,000 Americans die every year in traffic accidents. This is a terrible tragedy. But I have a simple plan that will completely prevent all 40,000 of these deaths. The key to my plan is to note that these 40,000 accidents are a result of 40,000 careless people driving cars. So all we have to […]

A Libertarian Looks at Occupy Wall Street

For whatever it’s worth, I’ve started writing a series of posts about Occupy Wall Street over at Nobody’s Business. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Thanks For My Friends

The last few years have been a bit difficult. Between my parents getting sick and dying, my consulting work drying up, and the ongoing recession, by this time last year things were looking precarious and about to get worse. But now my life is settling back into order and things are starting to look up again. […]

Time For a National Conversation on Law Enforcement

I haven’t had much to say about the Occupy Wall Street protests, mostly because I don’t understand the Occupy Wall Street protests. I think that’s because the protesters don’t understand them either. That’s okay, because building a consensus is a process. and it takes time. There’s nothing wrong with that. Here at Windypundit however, I […]

Muddled Thinking About Universal GPS Tracking

I knew as soon as I read George Washington University Professor Amitai Etzioni’s ridiculous bootlicking CNN op-ed (via a tweet from Radley Balko) that I wanted to write something about it. As often happens, Scott Greenfield beat me to it with a biting response to the legal issues. Still, let me give you a taste: The Supreme […]

The Conspiracy to Silence Lindsay Beyerstein

I’ve got to get the word out about Lindsay Beyerstein. I first encountered Lindsay a few years ago at Magikthise, her original personal blog. (That name sounds like one of the lesser-known Bond girls, but it’s actually a geek reference to a character — a philosopher, your basic working thinker — in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the […]

PSA – Vaccines v.s. Candy From Strangers

I’m pretty sure the anti-vaccination crowd is seriously deluded. Some of them are so scared of vaccines that they prefer to give their children immunity to diseases the old fashioned way: By giving them the disease itself. The usual way to do that is with a “pox party”: Wait until one child in your circle […]

Jana Svrzo and the Zebras

At about the time that Brittany Norwood was beating and stabbing Jayna Murray to death inside a store in a shopping mall, two employees in the Apple store next door heard sounds of the struggle coming through the wall. The Apple Store employees were closing up for the night. One of them heard strange sounds […]

Google’s New Reader Mess

It looks like Google has decided to screw up Reader with a new design: I guess they wanted it to have a more modern-looking design, and I suppose it looks nicer, but it’s kind of goofy from a usability standpoint. The biggest problem is that everything is, well, bigger. They’re following the modern web design […]