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Big Media Companies Want Even More Money

Amazon has just launched a new service called Cloud Drive. It’s a virtual online diskdrive where you can store your files. These files are then available to you anywhere on the web. If you upload music files, you can play them back on any PC, Mac, or Android device. The first 5 Gigabytes are free, […]

Scattershot 2011-03-30

Random shots around the web: A very cool photography theme: Reenacting old photos of people. I don’t know who Veena Malik is, and I’m probably missing about 95% of the context, but I enjoyed seeing this this attractive woman schooling the scary cleric I’ve been meaning to link to this handy chart of radiation exposure […]

Scattershot 2011-03-22

Random shots around the web: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Still a complete tool. Rather awesome response to a racist screed. Somebody get this guy a recording contract. Or an appearance on the Colbert Report. There’s a lot I don’t understand on Twitter, such as whatever this person is up to. What is that? A […]

Good Guys Don’t Suborn False Confessions

There’s a lovely case over at Simple Justice today. According to the news story, it went something like this: A guy was murdered, and a man named Douglas Warney came forward to police saying he knew something about the victim. Police interrogated him, and he apparently confessed, providing eleven details about the murder that only […]

Decision In the Face Of Deception

A couple of years ago, shortly before the 2008 elections, some people were making fun of undecided voters for being stupid: How could anyone not tell the difference between Barack Obama or John McCain after 20 months of campaigning? How could anyone not know which one they thought would make a better president? At the […]

Fukushima: Waiting For the Magic Bullet

Here’s something I’m wondering about. Maybe some of you can help me out, or point out where I’m going wrong… The situation at the Fukushima Daiichi plant is just continuing to deteriorate, with damage at all three fueled reactors, containment cracks at two of them, and overheating spent fuel pools at one of the shutdown reactors, […]

Fukushima Uncerntainty

A lot of people have been saying a lot of things about the nuclear emergency in Japan, much of it conflicting, and therefore much of it wrong. I see no reason why I shouldn’t get involved. As with almost everything else I talk about here, I claim no expertise beyond an amateur interest in the […]

On SWAT and the Inevitable Accidental Shooting

Here’s an excerpt from a statement by the Middlesex County, Massachusetts, District Attorney’s office about the SWAT shooting of 68-Year-Old Eurie Stamps while he was lying on the floor: As Officer Duncan moved to the right of Mr. Stamps, just past Mr. Stamps’ shoulders, he had to step to his left.  As he stepped to […]

Scattershot 2011-03-09

Random shots around the web: Kevin Smith is releasing a horror movie in which the bad guys are, basically, the Westboro Baptist Church. The Scarlett P. Twitter in a nutshell. Massively idiotic anti-terrorism training. Can’t. Get. It. Out. Of. My. Head. (Hat tip: Ethics Alarms)  

The California STEP

You’ve got to be friggin’ kidding me. I mean, I know that scaring people is part of the whole tough-on-crime business, but really? Rick Horowitz and I have been exchanging messages about some website design issues, and that got me to poking around Rick’s new law practice website, which lead me to another of Rick’s […]

Scattershot 2011-03-03

Random shots around the web: Congratulations to the Jews, on beating the rap. Carl Hiaasen, who used to write fun books, apparently believes in the government needs to know how much pain medication everyone is taking. Not that drug monitoring would help. Note to teachers unions: This is why people hate you. Apropos of nothing, […]

Scattershot 2011-03-01

Random shots around the web: I missed this earlier, but blocking the internet kill switch seems like a good thing. They say that “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” Does that apply to a criminal defense lawyer charged with a traffic misdemeanor? Sunday night’s Oscar speech by the writer of The […]