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2010 in Review

It’s the end of another year, and time for me to look back at what I’ve been doing here at Windypundit, just to see where I’ve been and maybe to figure out where I’m going from here. With that end in mind, 2010 was the year in which I first questioned the propriety of the […]

Prosecutor Scott Andringa Tried To Put a Paraplegic Man In Prison For 25 Years For Having Too Many Pain Pills

Let me be perfectly clear about this: Scott Andringa tried to put a paraplegic man in prison for 25 years for having too many pain pills. This happened a few years ago, and obviously the story is a bit more complicated than I can summarize in that one sentence, but that’s basically what happened. The […]

Can’t Deduct Defense?

It’s a good question, really… Over at Popehat, Patrick has this to say about Joel Rosenberg’s defense fund: Note that this is not tax-deductible. The government does not encourage its subjects to stand up for the blameless. Well, why the hell not? As far as I can tell, the tax rule for legal expenses is […]

Shut Up About Yer Damned Snow!

Geez, every frickin’ time I gotta hear about it! A snowstorm hits the east coast, and it’s national news. You know why? Because that’s where all the news organizations have their big offices–New York and Washington–and it’s not really news until it happens to them. But you know what? North American weather patterns move from […]

More Reasons Why the TSA is the Worst Agency Ever

Jennifer Abel gets off a good rant explaining part of the problem: Should’ve left well enough alone. Should’ve stayed off-line. But no-I checked a couple of news websites instead and read something which must’ve shown on my face, for my boyfriend asked, “What’s wrong?” “Nothing,” I snapped in the same tone of voice most people […]

Merry Christmas, Joel

I just wanted to take a moment to wish Joel Rosenberg a Merry Christmas! Yeah, Joel, you heard me. I know you’re Jewish, so I suppose it’s just Chinese food on Saturday to you, but I’m glad you’re home with your family today. For a while there, that was not a sure thing, so I […]

Death For Extremist Speech?

It’s been a long time since I posted anything at When Falls the Coliseum, but I finally got around to writing something new for them. It’s about the recent verdict by an Oregon jury, calling for the death penalty for Bruce Turnidge and his son Joshua for the murder of two police officers. There’s a […]

The Physics of Privacy

A California Court of Appeals judge recently ruled in People v. Lieng that there’s no constitutional problem with police using night vision goggles to see things that they couldn’t otherwise see. In Kyllo v. United States the Supreme Court had ruled that police could not use a thermal imaging device without a warrant, and you’d […]

Free Speech At the Fringes

Over at the Legal Satyricon, Charles Platt is a little annoyed at Julian Assange over the whole Wikileaks business: I’m getting an uneasy feeling when I watch Julian Assange using pretentious phrases such as “my philosophy” and “my work.” … It’s the same feeling I had when I saw the World Trade Center going down. […]

U.S. v. Julian Assange, A Prediction

Every once in a while, I get the urge to make predictions. That’s because I believe that if someone claims to understand something, they should be able to successfully predict future developments. My track record, therefore, demonstrates that I don’t understand anything. (Oh, sure, I called a few easy ones, like that John Mark Karr […]

Right on Crime

Thanks to Scott Greenfield, I just found a new site that just might turn out to be a great source of things to blog about. It’s called Right on Crime, and it promises to be about “The Conservative Case For Reform: Fighting Crime, Prioritizing Victims, and Protecting Taxpayers.” With a tag line like that, something […]

On Joel Rosenberg’s Sanity, Safe Gun Handling, and Why You Should Always Check Who’s Sitting Behind You in the Rarig Center Theater

Joel Rosenberg’s arrest is getting a bit of coverage around the blogosphere, and while folks like Scott Greenfield and Mike Cernovich are supportive, not all of the coverage is sympathetic. For example, Greg Laden at ScienceBlogs has a less-than flattering piece titled “Jew with a gun tries to make point, gets busted, is very creepy.” […]

Smell the Retaliation

Scott Greenfield is more familiar than I with the history of Joel Rosenberg’s recent conflicts with the Minneapolis police department, leading up to Joel’s arrest, and in his latest post Scott offers this important bit of background: For a fellow who sincerely believes in principles, there comes a point, a threshold if you will, where he […]

Protecting New Jersey’s Strategic Road Salt Supply

Coming soon, to a WikiLeaks mirror site near you…SaltBarnGate: The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit against the state after it refused to release the construction plans for a barn used to store road salt, on the basis that doing so would be a security risk. … According to the complaint, [Carole] Chiaffarano […]

25% of Windypundit Blog Team Now In Jail

As I write this, 25% of the Windypundit blogging team is in jail. When I brought Joel Rosenberg in to Windypundit as a co-blogger, I wanted him to cover firearms issues, especially the right to keep and bear arms. And he did, rather rabidly, with some of the longest posts on the blog. Even though […]