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Illegal Aliens to be Welcomed in Denver

With all of the bat-shit crazy, radical fear mongering about how illegal aliens will destroy our great Christian nation, Denver may actually pass a ballot initiative welcoming them with open arms. Or tentacles, maybe. The Wall Street Journal has an article all about it. (Sorry, it may be behind a pay wall.) Ballot Initiative 300 would require the […]

Tanya Treadway – Enemy of the First Amendment

Can somebody explain to me what the hell is going on in Jacob Sullum’s latest post at Reason‘s Hit&Run blog? Here’s the background: Last week Kansas physician Stephen Schneider and his wife, Linda, who worked as a nurse in his practice, were sentenced to 30 and 33 years, respectively, for painkiller prescriptions the Drug Enforcement Administration […]

Scholarship for a Nerd

Christie Wilcox writes one of my favorite blogs, Observations of a Nerd, and is hoping to win a $10,000 scholarship for her graduate studies. She’s an excellent blogger and scientist. Over the past week she had some great articles on evolution which you should check out. Her competition looks lame, yet she was running behind in the polls when […]

Chicago Police Hold City Hostage

Two cops have filed a libel suit against the Chicago Police Superintendent, Jody Weis, because they were investigated for beating a handcuffed teenager. Though Weis never identified Meuris and Vanna by name to the news media, he published their names in an internal communication sent to others in the Police Department, said their attorney, Daniel Herbert. How […]

How to Spin a Police Involved Accident

I just spotted an article about a women hit by a Chicago Police vehicle this morning. (This site often changes the text of their articles several times. Here’s how it reads as of 16:30 CDT): A woman in her 60s was injured this morning after she was struck by a Chicago police vehicle in the Albany Park […]

That’s a Lot of Candles

Today, October 23, is a good day to celebrate the birth of the universe. The question is just how many candles do we need for the cake? There are some competing theories about the age of the universe. One is based upon observations of, well, the universe. Scientists have been studying the cosmic background radiation […]

Amateur Historians

I really enjoy studying history. I’ve moved around time and the globe delving deeper into Mycenaean influences beyond Greece and studying the nuances of one particular commander who has been maligned in the Battle of Gettysburg. Every time I think I might find some historical event boring, I run into some fascinating element that grabs my attention. I would […]

The Only Known Requirement

There’s an animated video making its way around the legal blogosphere in which a cynical older lawyer tries to convince an idealistic prospective law student not to go to law school. As a non-lawyer, I’m probably missing half the jokes, but it’s still pretty funny. I was more fascinated, however, by the web site used […]

Windy Investments

Mark’s review of Michael Lewis’s The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine sounds interesting. I generally find finance and economics difficult to read about, but I may give the book a go. From the sound of it, the author and I seem to have a couple of similar arguments about what is wrong with the efficient […]

The Big Short, and a Modest Proposal

To my co-blogger Ken: I haven’t seen you in a while, so we haven’t had time to talk about any of the usual stuff, therefore I’m taking this opportunity to submit a modest proposal for your consideration. As you know, one of the areas where we disagree about economics issues is the subject of the […]

Registration Folly

All the way from Suffolk County, New York, I now present the newest trick for the legislature that has solved all other problems, the animal abuser registry: Suffolk County has officially become the first county in the nation to pass a bill to establish a public animal abuser registry. Authored by the legislature’s majority leader, Jon Cooper, […]

Tea Party Ethos Up in Smoke

Attorney General Eric Holder has announced, as expected, that the Department of Justice will not let Proposition 19, which would legalize marijuana in California, stop them from waging the War on Drugs Which Are Less Harmful Than Alcohol and Nicotine in their never ending effort to fill up prisons across the nation. I expected that response from the Feds. […]

Mother Nature is a Cold Hearted Bitch

I’m guessing that many of you don’t know this, but 2010 was named The Year of Biodiversity by the UN sometime before the year began. I am hoping, though, that you at least know what biodiversity is. When asked to define biodiversity, a recent survey in England, a country known to be more environmentally aware than the US, […]

Rebuilding Windypundit

It’s been a few years since I made any big design changes here at Windypundit, but I’m beginning to think it might be time for something different, and I’d like to ask for you, Gentle Reader, for some help. The impetus for this change is the release by Six Apart of a new major version of […]

What OS Did The Matrix Use?

Now we know for sure. The Matrix was originally developed using Linux. Oh sure, it looks all loving and caring now, but plug that box into the Internet, let it read all about socialism and soon enough humanity will be hunted down in our sewer-submarines and end up plugged into Linux controlled wet squishy cocoons […]