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Memorializing 9/11

I don’t understand memorials and monuments. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say I don’t understand how other people think about memorials and monuments. It just doesn’t make much sense to me. I have the good fortune of having lead a peaceful life. Other than my parents, no one really close to me […]

As Long As No One Got Hurt…

I had met my friend Fritz at a local pizza joint for some lunch, when we noticed something suspicious at another table: A couple of pasty-looking white guys, they had briefcases on the table and were exchanging things them while speaking in hushed tones. They wore paramilitary outfits — matching blue shirts and pants and matching blue jackets […]

P≠NP (maybe)

Wow! Vinay Deolalikar, a Hewlett Packard researcher, has published his proof that P≠NP. It may not mean much to most of you, but P versus NP is the greatest unsolved problem of theoretical computer science. A complete explanation of the problem would be lengthy, but let me see if I can summarize it. P represents […]

Three Badgelickers Explain Why You Shouldn’t Make Videos of Cops

Radley Balko has been covering the issue of citizens who take videos of cops and get arrested for it. It’s only illegal in a few states (including Maryland and Illinois) but that doesn’t mean you can’t get arrested for it anywhere. In Radley’s latest piece, he interviews two prosecutors and the head of the Fraternal […]

Not Even Close

Deep inside the cynical exterior of a Miami criminal defense lawyer…beats the heart of a true believer. Brian Tannebaum wins his case, and shows us that sometimes not even the federal government can send a man to prison for doing nothing wrong. This was not about an acquittal, a framed verdict form on an office […]

Music For My Dad

It was a year ago today that my father passed away. During the last few months, he spent a lot of time listening to his music CDs, and I figured it would be a nice idea to post some of the songs he liked. I hope you hear something you enjoy. I’ll begin with his […]

“Hey, are you a terrorist?”

It’s hardly the greatest infringement of free speech I’ve ever heard of, but this doesn’t sound right: The manager of a North Chicago sandwich shop learned in a Lake County courtroom this week that the difference between a joke in poor taste and an inflammatory remark is about 75 bucks. Arjunsinh Sindha, 64, said he […]

Know Any Good Protest Songs?

I’m trying to put together a music playlist, and so I’m appealing to you, my Gentle Readers, to help me find songs of a certain type. I’m calling them protest songs, but that’s probably not a very good description. I’m not talking about, for example, ’60’s anti-war chants, and I’d like to avoid an excess […]

Of Criminal Defense and Flushing Toilets

There’s been a lot of discussion in the criminal defense bloggosphere about the role of the criminal defense lawyer. Basically, prosecutors are supposedly charged with seeking justice. The question naturally arises then, are criminal defense lawyers also supposed to seek justice? And if so, what is their duty to their client? As near as I […]

I Am Not An FBI Agent

This is the seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, of which I am not an employee or representative: I am not trying to deceive you into thinking I am an agent or representative of the FBI, nor am I trying to assert any authority, FBI-like or otherwise. No matter what those goofballs at the […]

Modesty Survey OR How To Dress Like a Slut

Hey girls — and I’m talking to you teenagers here — you want to know how to dress so that cute boys will notice you? Just check out this survey by the The Rebelution (“a teenage rebellion against low expectations”) and find out what clothing boys think is a stumbling block for a girl who […]