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A Pleasant Alternative to the Things Unsaid

This bit of embarassment to my whole gender has already been shredded here and here and here, so let me just offer a constructive suggestion: Dear Anne, Congratulations on your wedding day. I wish you and Robert all the best. Kind regards, Andrew Would that have been so fucking hard?

Gerry Spence and the Economic Of Extremism

Economists generally believe that extremism is probably a mistake. That’s because every choice involves a trade off. You’ll start with the easiest trades first, but as you push to greater extremes, you’ll have to trade off more and more things of value. For example, if you set out to own the fastest production car in […]

Who’s Talking In the Blago Camp?

The defense has rested in the corruption trial of Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich without letting the jury hear his testimony. Other people are discussing what it’s fair to assume about Blagojevich’s guilt based on his not testifying [be sure to read Scott Greenfield’s scathing response in the comments below], but I’m wondering how we’re hearing about […]

Of Whores and Holes

If you’ve ever spent time editing digital audio recordings, you know that they can become hard to understand when you compress them just a little too much… (The story follows a short commercial.)

The Real Big Shove: Everybody Gets Life

Scott Greenfield wrote today about a case involving a police officer who caught one of those lucky breaks in court that cops seem to get so often: It seemed as if things couldn’t get any worse for Police Officer Patrick Pogan, when his arrest of Christopher Long, a cyclist in the Critical Mass rally, for […]

How To Do/Avoid Drug Interdiction

Hey Kids! Want to know how to smuggle large amounts of dope without getting caught? Police Lieutenant Andrew G. Hawkes will show you how. Of course, he’s selling his training materials to police officers only, so you’ll have to get past his security questions without breaking any laws, which may be tricky. Even so, there […]

A Mixed Drug Message?

My wife and I were in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend, and while we were stopping at a gas station mini-mart next to our hotel, I spotted this anti-drug poster in the window: The image is a little blurry because I took it with my phone, but the text reads, in part, “Trapped. Controlled. Alone. Also […]

What To Do About Innocence?

There’s been round-the-blawgosphere turmoil about Lee v. Lampert, in which the 9th Circuit basically said that the AEDPA‘s time limits for filing a habeas petition still apply even though pretty much everyone agrees that the defendant is actually innocent. That is, Lee is innocent, but he just didn’t submit the paperwork on time. There’s plenty of […]

A Tale of Two Cities

I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like to lately, but fortunately, there’s plenty of other good stuff to read. Mirriam Seddiq has a terrific article about what she’s learned practicing criminal law in several different jurisdictions. Her description of Baltimore (and the Baltimore police) is priceless.