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More About the Chicago Gun Ruling

Following up on my earlier post about the Supreme Court ruling against Chicago’s handgun ban in McDonald v. Chicago, the case has been sent back to the lower court to figure out the details, so it’s not quite time to arm ourselves yet. An attorney involved in the case advised against Chicagoans running out and […]

Where Can I Get Me a Gun?

The Supreme Court has spoken: Court rules for gun rights, strikes Chicago handgun ban. In another dramatic victory for firearm owners, the Supreme Court has ruled unconstitutional Chicago, Illinois’ 28-year-old strict ban on handgun ownership, a potentially far-reaching case over the ability of state and local governments to enforce limits on weapons. So, anyone know […]

A Scientific Digression About Inductive Cooking

I had a frustrating science discussion with a friend the other day. Somehow, our conversation had turned to the subject of cooking — about which I know nearly nothing — and my friend mentioned that someday he’d like to have an induction cooktop. He told me that when you place a pan on an induction […]

There’s Dancing and There’s Dancing

Hey, does everybody remember those viral dance videos from OK Go? They did them for songs like “A Million Ways” (the one in the back yard) and “Here It Goes Again” (the one with the treadmills). If not, you might want to follow those links to take a look (they won’t let me embed them). Those […]

Dozer Meets the Cat Pillow

A little while ago, my wife and I noticed that our ragdoll cat, Dozer, had taken to sleeping on the floor right in front of our china cabinet. We wanted to make him more comfortable, so we put down a cat pillow for him, right in the spot where he liked to sleep. Anyone who […]

What’s The Real Bob Etheridge Story?

People complain about reporters asking asking crazy questions, but those are sometimes the ones that get the most interesting results. For example, in the video below, the reporter goes through the trouble of setting up an ambush interview on a Congressman, and then asks him a really dumb generic question: “Do you fully support the […]

Peter McWilliams, Ten Years Gone

Nick Gillespie notes that Peter McWilliams died ten years ago today. McWilliams was a resister of the War On Drugs. He was also one of its casualties. McWilliams was very sick with AIDS and cancer, and the medicines he used made him nauseated, which he was able to ameliorate by smoking marijuana. The DEA charged […]

Trial Lawyers and the Winner’s Curse

Chances are, you don’t enjoy movies as much as you think you will. That’s because movie tickets present us consumers with a tricky problem of incomplete knowledge. We want to buy tickets to movies we’ll enjoy, but the only sure way to know how much we’ll enjoy a movie is to watch it, and we […]

The METDI Defense

Jeff Gamso has a fascinating post about the probabilities behind a DNA match. If you do felony criminal law (from either side of the aisle) and I tell you the number is 6.17 quadrillion, you probably assume that I’m talking about DNA. The number will reflect just how unlikely it is that the DNA in […]

What’s Wrong With Selling Internships?

Some of the lawyers on my blogroll have been poking fun at a guy named Jack Marshall. He calls himself an “ethicist,” runs a consulting firm called ProEthics, and has a blog called Ethics Alarms. I don’t really know anything about him, but I thought his blog might make a good source of stuff for me […]

Scott Greenfield Wants a Better SER

Scott Greenfield wants to improve his search engine results, so I’m writing this post to improve Scott Greenfield’s search engine results. If you want to know why Scott Greenfield would like a better search engine result, you can read the explanation from Scott Greenfield himself.