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Strip Clubs and Daycare

I was skimming through an episode of Stossel on the subject of city management, particularly Cleveland city management, and at around 21:30 the chair of the Cleveland planning commission (attempting to justify her city’s bloated planning policy) says, “I’d hate to look up one day and see a strip club next to one of my day […]

Blogroll Maintenance

Reading the latest at Not Guilty, I realized that my blogroll is a bit out of date, not in the least because Not Guilty isn’t on it. I have short descriptions for each blog in the list, so even for blogs I already have, I might have to change the description. Let’s see, going through the categories… […]

Betrayed By Our Local Governments

One of the most disgusting aspects of the current economic unpleasantness is the way our local governments have betrayed us. Instead of tightening the belts like the rest of us, they’ve been trying to find new ways to squeeze money out of us to meet their bloated payrolls. Here in Illinois, the cost of license […]

So What If You Might Be Innocent?

I was reading Mark Bennett’s account of the long and winding road that lead to the U.S. Supreme Court granting a stay of execution for Hank Skinner, a Texas man who’s claiming that some untested DNA evidence might prove him innocent. It’s a fascinating procedural tale, if you’re into that sort of thing, which I’m not. […]

A Bank Robbery To Go

In the movies and on television, bank robbers are daring and audacious. After storming the bank in a blitz attack that stuns the guards, they force the bank manager to empty the vault while they raid the teller drawers. All the while, one of them yells out a precise two-minute countdown that will allow them to escape […]

“We Are All Not Guilty of Something…”

As you may have noticed, I love reading criminal defense blogs, and now there’s a new one I’m looking forward to. Actually it’s one of the oldest crimlaw blogs on the web, but it’s getting some new life to it: Mirriam Seddiq — the no-longer-anonymous proprietress of the original Not Guilty blog — is scraping a few rusty […]

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

I’ve been a Weird Al fan since the beginning, so yeah, I’d go see this.

WFTC: We Don’t Work For the Money

In my latest piece for When Falls the Coliseum, I try to explain why we work, and it’s not for the money. To be honest, I kind of rushed this piece out to meet my self-imposed goal of posting something on WFTC every week. It’s really not very good. I wouldn’t read it if I […]

Census Form! Entrapment! Beware!

I just got my 2010 Census form in the mail. I assume some of you got one too. You may have noticed that the cover letter includes the following paragraph: This is your official 2010 Census form. We need your help to count everyone in the United States by providing basic information about all the […]

Time To Put Email In an Envelope

Scott Greenfield at Simple Justice has a long-running debate with the Volokh Conspiracy‘s Orin Kerr over how search and seizure laws should apply in the digital world. Briefly, Kerr advocates what he calls a “technology neutral” approach, in which we try to create a mapping between real world concepts and their digital analogs in order to apply centuries of […]

When Falls the Coliseum

When Falls the Coliseum is a way-cool group blog run by Scott Stein. I know its cool because (1) an earlier version of the site had posts and comments just like a blog even though it launched in 1999 and had to be administered by hand because nobody had written blogging software yet, (2) Nick […]

Cruelty In the Name of Fair Immigration

A few days ago, the fine folks at Popehat explained why they want to kick a harmless German immigrant family out of the country. The Popehat guys seem like nice folks, so I assume they don’t mean it the way it sounds, ’cause it sounds pretty bad. The Romeike family didn’t like the way the public […]

The Failed War On Drugs

I don’t know anything else about Jim Gray, but this is about as good an explanation as I’ve ever seen of how the War on Drugs fails so badly:  

The Horrors of Oscar Night

Well, the Academy Awards were last night, and I’m sure all the trendy ironic folks will be making the usual comments about Hollywood self-congratulation, but I mostly enjoyed it. I like movies, and I think good filmmaking deserves to be honored. I do have one nit to pick, however, with the movie montage they showed […]

Next They’ll Ban Turning ‘Round and ‘Round Until You Get Dizzy

Reason awards their February Nanny of the Month award to a Kansas legislator for banning fake pot.