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A Bright New Idea From the Change-Master

I guess it’s change of a sort. Obama’s healtcare reform started as a beautiful vision of low-cost healthcare for everyone. I thought that was highly unrealistic, but at least it was clear and straightforward. I guess the Democrats thought it was unrealistic too, because the Democrats soon made a series of compromises and turned it into a […]

What To Do If You Are a Victim of Police Misconduct

Packrat explains: There is no shortage of advice out there about what you should do when you are forced to interact with the police. Just do a search and you’ll find a multitude of sites devoted to explaining what your rights are when dealing with law enforcement and how you should go about asserting those […]

Who Gets the Best Fifth Amendment Treatment in the Country?

Cops. I’ve always known that police officers get special treatment when accused of a crime, but I always assumed it was just a good deal that the cops gave to other cops. I never knew there was an official court ruling about it. Radley Balko points to a St. Louis Post-Dispatch article about the Garrity […]

Abuse, Involving Children

Matt Brown at the Chander Criminal Defense blog had a client who was accused of hurting her child, but the prosecutor dropped the charges. Nevertheless, Arizona Child Protective Services apparently ignored all that and conducted their own investigation. Brown blogged his account of their interview with his client. It’s one of the most chilling things […]

Surviving Scott Greenfield

A few days ago, Rachel Humphrey Fleet started a blog called The Compelling Brief Blog, which was apparently going to be all about writing legal briefs. Her first post was called “Tweeting the Judge: How Legal Writing is Like Social Media.” (For the moment, it’s available in the Google cache here.) The post caught the eye of […]

The Best Rock ‘n’ Roll Song In the World

Well, maybe not for anyone else, but it is for me. It was 1982. the Commodore 64 was the cool new thing, Britain and Argentina went to war over the Falkland islands, spymaster Yuri Andropov rose to power in the Soviet Union, and Vic Morrow and two chidren died in a helicopter accident while filming […]

A Lockpicking Answer

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I’m fascinated by the idea of lock picking, but I wondered if it was actually legal to own lock picks here in Illinois. So I posted a question in Avvo Answers, an online service in which lawyers give out free advice, to see if anyone could or would […]

Is Consistency Enough?

People I trust have been saying good things about Jeff Gamso’s blog, Gamso – For the Defense, and I’ve been meaning to check it out for months now. I finally got around to it, and I’m glad I did, because I discovered a fascinating post called “Hobgoblins of Little Minds.” It’s about what experts mean […]

iPad iMpotence

Ken Lammers does a nice job of collecting up some of the shortcomings of the just-announced Apple iPad. I don’t get it either. The iPad seems really limited. My iPhone has similar limitations—no multitasking, no USB or FireWire, a closed application deployment mechanism—but it’s a cell phone: Making it more flexible would come at the […]