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2009 in Review

I like to end each year with a review of some of the things I’ve been posting about. I don’t know if any of you care, but it’s always interesting to me to see where I’ve been. This year I expected the pickings to be pretty slim because of all the turmoil surrounding and following […]

Things I Learned In the Aughts

I’ve decided to steal an idea from Gideon and write a quick list of things I learned in the last decade: I learned to ignore people who say the decade/century/millenium has one more year to go because there was no year zero. I learned that terrorism in the United States is a more real threat […]

We’ve Always Been Here

Back in 2007, author Mark Helprin wrote a New York Times op-ed in which he bemoaned the lack of a permanent copyright. I responded to it, as did rather a lot of other people. In my response, I called part of his argument “pure nonsense, bordering on outright lies.” Apparently, many other people used far […]

Avatar – A Review, or Maybe a Metareview

I saw Avatar yesterday, and it was a pretty darned good movie. If you think you might like this kind of thing, just go see it. As with James Cameron’s earlier film Titanic, the star of this film is the magnificent setting and the way it is presented. The lush world of Pandora is beautiful, […]

Merry Bloggy Christmas

In the spirit of a holiday named after a wise Jew from the (middle) east, I think it’s only fair to direct you to Simple Justice, where Scott Greenfield has posted a heartfelt thanks for all his fellow blawgers: Blawgers give of their time, their thoughts, their talents to write.  In return, they are told how […]

How to Stop a Stalker – Thoughts and Observations

I’ve been reading How to Stop a Stalker by Mike Proctor, a former detective in Westminster, California. I’m fascinated by some aspects of forensic psychology, so I was hoping the book would discuss the psychology of stalkers and how to discourage them. However, Proctor’s book is more about how stalking is defined as a crime and […]

Fuck Ed Jagels

Radley Balko bids farewell to Kern County California D.A. Ed Jagels: You’d be hard pressed to find a law enforcement official anywhere in the country who better embodies the worst excesses of America’s sharp turn toward law-and-order crime policy over last 30 years. From expanding the death penalty to eroding the rights of the accused […]

Profitable DUI Punishment in South Carolina

South Carolina criminal defense lawyer Bobby Frederick has an excellent example today of the scourge of profitable punishment: Law enforcement agencies receive grants based on the number of DUI arrests they make – if the number of arrests goes down, they are in danger of losing that money. Law enforcement officers are given awards for […]

God of Tetris

Meet the God of Tetris, master of blocks. If you’ve played Tetris, his last words will haunt you.

The Warlord of Maricopa

At some point, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio decided that the rules no longer applied to him. He and his deputies had all the guns, so why couldn’t they do whatever they want? If those guys in Somalia and Afganistan could become warlords, why couldn’t he do it right here in America? I think it […]

Immigration Control As Cultural Critic?

Yet another reason to get rid if the INS: When Jordan Peimer booked an Argentine band that fuses Jewish Klezmer music with tango, he thought he had the perfect act to headline his “Fiesta Hanukkah” concert. … That was before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services weighed in with some cultural commentary of its own. […]

The Bonnie Hunt Show

 I am a big fan of Bonnie’s and have met her on two occasions and she couldn’t be nicer.  I’ve had a huge crush on her since I met her in Woolworth’s in 1991.   I just read that The Bonnie Hunt Show “is not expected to continue” for a third season. Bonnie Hunt!”isThen it […]

Muvico Must Hate Its Customers

I hate it when movie theaters put a message on the screen where they threaten to prosecute us for using a recording device. I understand they want to prevent people from copying movies, and I don’t plan on any bootlegging, but I don’t like doing business with places that treat me like a criminal. Since […]

The Warlord of Maricopa

Joe Arpaio is a scary guy. He’s the Sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona, and if things go the wrong way today, I think he’ll be the closest thing this country has to a third-world warlord. As usual, Scott Greenfield explains.