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Scattershot 2009-08-31

Random shots around the web: I guess this is easier than, you know, catching criminals. More evidence that our harsh treatment of released sex offenders is just ineffective security theater. I should have seen this coming: Michael Jackson sightings. The death of Spiderman? Or at least the death of an interesting Spiderman…along with every other […]

The Cyber Revolution Reaches the Ninth Circuit

The Ninth Circuit just decided United States v. Comprehensive Drug Testing which includes some very important new rules for seizing data on people’s computers. Or so I’m told by folks like Scott Greenfield and Orin Kerr, who understand these things far better than me. As I understand the problem Kozinski is trying to solve, the […]

It’s Been A Bad Year

My mother died in April, I moved in with my father for a few months to take care of him until I could find a nursing home, I moved him to the nursing home, I cleaned out his apartment, and I straightened out his finances. Now my father’s died too, and I just got back from […]

Scattershot 2009-08-24

Random shots around the web: This could cause a lot of trouble. The war against illegal immigration is apparently as stupid and cruel as the war on drugs. Bobby G. Frederick drinks the TLC kool-aid. So true. I do this, but with a shorter lag.  [Thanks, Bobby. The error in your comment has been noted […]

The Smoking Gun, Part II: When the Going Gets Weird, the Weird Get Put on Patrol, Version 1.1

Nah. Updating doesn’t go quite far enough; I really should eat a little more crow. But just a little. Let’s try that again — and I’m going to leave the original up, for historical purposes. Bloggers — well, ones who care to do it right — don’t throw errors down the memory hole. Hence, Version […]

The Smoking Gun, Part II: When the Going Gets Weird, the Bumbling Get Put on Patrol

Let’s start off by reviewing the key paragraph in our last episode: On April 16 of 2008, Sheriff Bob Fletcher and Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner filed a hundred-page petition (here’s Part 1; here’s Part 2) with District Judge Joanne Smith, requesting that the judge revoke what they called Wilson’s “conceal and carry permit”, and […]

Scattershot 2009-08-17

Random shots around the web: Motorola goes back to the brick with a mil spec cell phone. [It was kind of a rough week.]

Please Support the Rights of This Feminazi Scumbag

Really. For those of you who think I’m going all Rush Limbaugh with this “feminazi” stuff: chill.  I’m talking about Elisha Strom, the now ex-wife of convicted kiddie porn felon, the loathesome Neonazi Kevin Alfred Strom. (The two of them had a falling out of some sort.  Nazis, like other people, find breaking up hard […]

Coupon Madness

Over at Simple Justice, Scott Greenfield has taken time off from bashing marketers to bash coupon settlements. That’s when some lawyers initiate a lawsuit against a corporation on behalf of a large number of people, and then settled for a payment that allows the corporation to send out some sort of redeemable coupon instead of […]

Success Attracts the Wolves at Google

Reason‘s Brian Doherty raises the alarm about Justine Varney, the new head of the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division. According to a Wired article, she might be planning to go after Google. The technology industry, she said, was coming under the sway of a dominant behemoth, one that had the potential to stifle innovation and squash […]

Burnett Draughn, Rest In Peace

My father, Burnett Draughn, was born in on Decoration Day, May the 30th, in 1919, somewhere near Daniel’s Branch, Kentucky. He was Joe and Melissa Draughn’s eighth child out of an eventual total of ten. My dad liked to say that he had nine brothers and sisters, and every one of them also had nine […]

Obama’s Getting Alinskied

You’ve been hearing about it:  Democratic representatives, home on the August recess, are — at least some of them — holding the traditional “town hall” meetings to hear from voters in their districts. And some of them are hearing yelling.  Lots of yelling. The folks on the left have a simple explanation:  this is a […]

Adventures In Avvo – Take 4

I gave Avvo Answers—Avvo’s forum for lawyers to answer questions for free—a test drive a couple weeks ago with a test question about bailing someone out, and the result was a bit confusing, but I eventually got the answer I was looking for. You can read about it all in three short posts starting here: […]

The Smoking Gun: a Killing in St. Paul

[update, 8/19/2009 — and if you thought this was weird before, you ain’t seen nothing, yet. Check out the comments, and watch for the update, later today. JR] The End of Carl Jackson Maybe the 911 call was not Carl Jackson’s worst mistake. But it was his last one; it got him killed. He would […]

Megan Fox Fans Rejoice

Hey Guys! Somebody cast Megan Fox as a sexually seductive teenage killer creature thingy in a movie called Jennifer’s Body. It’s rated R, so there may be titties!