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Just to show that it’s possible . . .

I’m thinking, more and more, that the whole Henry Louis Gates thing is a racial Rorschach test.  It’s a misshapen blob of an incident that, regardless of what can and should be learned from it, everybody with a strong opinion about The Important Issue of Race in America learns, once again, what they already believed. […]

Windypundit Turns 7 Today

That is all.

Scattershot 2009-07-27

Random shots around the web: Postal service hell. Launch a fake North Korean Twitter feed, watch real media pick it up. Kudos to Popehat. Whatever else I may think of Obama, I really hope that on his last day in office he provides the “vault copy” of his birth certificate that all the idiot birthers […]

Adventures In Avvo – Take 3

I’ve been posting about my attempt to get an answer to a simple question using Avvo Answers. In Take 1, an out-of-state lawyer provided a wrong answer. In Take 2, our own Jeremy Richey provided a good answer that misseda part of the question. I clarified my question, and now Jeremy has provided the final […]

Adventures In Avvo – Take 2

Out of some curiosity about how bail works, I posted a question on Avvo Answers. The first answer I got was a clean miss by an out-of-state lawyer. Now Illinois’s own Jeremy Richey has stepped up. To review, here’s the question I asked: What’s my exposure if I bail someone out of jail? Chicago, IL […]

Adventures In Avvo – Take 1

After a recent episode of Raising the Bar, I’ve been wondering if some do-gooder could go around bailing indigent people out of jail so they can go home to their families even though they don’t have $500. Not that I could afford to do that, but how would that work? I know it only takes […]

Playing Catch Up

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” — Winston Churchill For those of you who didn’t follow it, an amendment to a bill in the US Senate was defeated this week, on a 58-aye, 39 nay vote.  (Yeah, I know that sound strange; another […]

Customs Agents Beat You Back

In response to my recent missive (“Beating Customs Agents With Your Laptop”) about the fourth-amendment-free zone overseen by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Lawrence Friedman at Customs Law sent an email explaining some of what can really happen when you try to apply technogeek law to the real world: In response to your encryption-deleted key […]

The Minimum Wage and Unemployment

Columnist Steve Chapman has a piece today complaining that the coming increase in the minimum wage will cause unemployment: Come Friday, the federally mandated minimum wage will jump to $7.25 an hour from $6.55 — an 11 percent increase. At a time when employers are laying off workers, Washington is going to make it more […]

The Blogger Identity: Claims

One of the recent kerfuffles in the legal blogosphere (or, if you must, the blawgosphere) is about anonymity. On blogs. Yeah! I know! But they all sound so serious! Dan Hull started it (this time) with his declaration that What About Clients was now a “Wuss-Free Zone.” Effective July 1, 2009, and absent compelling reasons, […]

Beating Customs Agents With Your Laptop

[Excuse me while I rant…] I’ve never been out of the country, so I’ve never had to deal with the U.S. Customs Service (or whatever self-important name these tax collectors are using lately), but I hate the whole organization on principle anyway because they’re a bunch of weasels who insist on conducting unjustified searches of United […]

1984: Social Media Edition

In George Orwell’s famous distopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, one of the most oppressive features of his totalitarian world is the ubiquitous surveillance. Every public place—and every private room as well—is always being monitored through a massive network of two-way video cameras called telescreens. Do anything that angered the tyrannical regime of Big Brother and a […]

Story of a Photo – Texting While Driving

The New York Times has up a story about distracted driving and cell phones. I only skimmed the story—I’m skeptical about the issue, but I don’t know enough to really have an opinion—because I was looking at the picture. Radley Balko had pointed it out in a passing comment: I’m trying to figure out how […]

Scattershot 2009-07-20

Random shots around the web: Obama cuts major weapons system from military budget! Robots that can feed off of humans. That never ends well.* I’m a libertarian, but…uhh…too weird. Ouch. Ouch. A billionaire who wants to control the weather. That never ends well. Cool interview with Adam Savage of MythBusters. *Update: As my coblogger Gary points […]


In my latest attempt to make blogging pay well enough to afford new camera equipment, I’ve started displaying Chitika search-targeted advertising. The cool thing about this is that all of you who read my blog regularly won’t be seeing any additional ads because of it. When somebody out there clicks on a link to Windypundit […]