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It’s Not Supposed To Be About Street Justice

[I started to comment on this over at Simple Justice, but there’s so much going on here that I decided to do my own post. As usual these days, it’s a bit late.] I may be a libertarian, but I’m not a cop hater. Sometimes, however, cops make it very hard not to hate them. Go read […]

Remembering the Needless Dead

While honoring our nation’s fallen soldiers, I’m also going to take a moment to remember those who died in our longest and most senseless war.

Mike and Me, Part II

[No, this isn’t a repeat of this episode of “Mike and Me,” from a couple of years ago. More on that at the end. This article, slightly tweaked, is crossposted on TrueNorth, my LiveJournal and on the Forum, as well as here, where comments are welcome.] *ring**ring**ring* “Joel Rosenberg.” “Will you hold for Commissioner Campion?” […]


Home at last. Last I saw, Dad was discussing his care with one of his nurses. He will always be my Dad, but he’s no longer by day-to-day responsibility. Time for me to go to bed with the wife and the cats.

Healthcare Still to Come…

Last August, I boldly announced that I would begin blogging more about healthcare.  Like most such announcements here, it didn’t work out. I had figured the big story for the next administration would be healthcare, but just days later the economy blew up. The story of the Obama administration is turning back toward healthcare now, […]

Five Days

If all goes well, by this time Wednesday night, I’ll be back in my own home, getting ready to sleep in my bed, with my wife, and all the cats.

The Thrilling Suspense of Maury

I can hear the Maury Povitch show from here. Woman says her man is cheating on her. He denies it. She got three sexually transmitted diseases while they were together. Maury’s going to put him on a lie detector. Gosh, I wonder what it will say. Update: Liar.

Well, Yes, Shane Becker is a Douchebag

Give me a moment; I’ll get to it. Trust me. And, since I’m a fiction writer, I’ll even make it all turn out well in the end, with lessons learned, a bond between police and citizens strengthened, and all that cool stuff. Hell, I’ll even tease a friend who will find this sooner or later, […]

Goofing Off At Work = Felony ?

So this guy named Richard Wolf is on the job at the Shelby City Wastewater Treatment Plant, where he’s using his work computer to surf porn sites. At one point even visits Adult Friend Finder and uploads a nude photo of himself. He gets fired. No surprise. This, however, is a bit more surprising: Wolf […]

On Mom’s Passing

Scattered thoughts over the last few weeks surrounding my mother’s passing. Keeping track of everything going on would have been so much harder without the internet and mobile phones. My dad was in a VA hospital, and my mother was in a private for-profit hospital. I don’t think it’s just libertarian bias that makes me […] and “nofollow”

In a comment to an earlier post about, someone calling themselves “d.” wrote: There is still a nofollow tag, at least on links to Scott’s most recent post (or most recent as of a few minutes ago)…. it seemed from comments at SJ that the nofollow tag was an issue in terms of something […] Strikes Back

When Scott Greenfield complained about an outfit called which was republishing his blog articles in their entirety, I didn’t think they were doing anything terribly wrong because Scott’s blog publishes a syndication feed, and this is what syndication looks like. Scott disagrees. He doesn’t think that’s proper use of a feed, and he says my […]

Thinking About the Stimulus: Theoretical Badness

This is the long-awaited (mostly by me) fourth post in my series about the stimulus bill. I would have got it posted earlier, but I’ve been kind of busy. (You might want to read the first three parts about GDP, Fear, and Spending.) Recall that under the theory behind the stimulus, recessions happen when consumers […]

Getting Tough on Minority Crime

A few days ago, Scott Greenfield pointed out this paragraph in a New York Times article about Obama’s thinking about law and justice: [W]hen it came to sentencing laws, Mr. Obama led [student Adam] Bonin in a more conservative direction than the student had expected. The primary victims of black criminals were fellow blacks — […]

The Evil That Does

It’s Monday, and over at Simple Justice Scott Greenfield is complaining about marketers. Usually, he complains about people who leave comments on his blog with an SEO-friendly link back to their web site (e.g. “DWI Attorney”). I never really understood why Scott was so vehement about this. Personally, I will delete the totally gratuitous comments […]