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You’re All Going Down!

So, the bailout bill has failed. Cool. Scary too, but cool. I hope it stays this way. As word got out that the bill was failing, the market fell. It fell a lot. It fell more than ever before, even more than it fell on 9/11. Of course, when I say “the market,” I’m talking […]

Hey Everybody! Link To Me!

I just noticed that Windypundit is up to Google PageRank 6! Again. Last time I hit PR 6, about a year and a half ago, it didn’t last very long. This time, I’m going to try to make it stick. I suppose the best way to do that is to publish high-quality, timely, and original […]

Tweaking the Site

I’ve been exploring the new version of the Movable Type blogging engine, and I’ve decided to try turning on some of the caching options. For various reasons, I run Windypundit in dynamic publishing mode, which means that every time someone refreshes the page, the back end rebuilds the entire page from scratch. That’s a little […]

Obama, and Attacking Free Speech

Over at Marathon Pundit, blogger John Ruberry accuses Barack Obama of being a “free speech phony” and quotes with approval from an editorial by Ann Woolner: When WGN-AM Radio in Chicago scheduled a two-hour interview last week with David Freddoso, who wrote The Case Against Barack Obama the campaign sent out an alarm to supporters, […]

Hang On Tight

The bailout plan has apparently hit a snag after a meeting of congressional leaders at the White House broke down into a “contentious shouting match.” Add to that the failure of WaMu last night and I think the folks on Wall Street are going to go apeshit react strongly. Then again, if I could really predict […]

How Joel Rosenberg Cost Me $99

I just upgraded the Movable Type blogging software that powers Windpundit from version 4.01 to version 4.21. I did it for all the usual reasons—better, faster, stronger… No, maybe not stronger. Movable Type is supposed to be easy to upgrade. Just download the gzipped archive of the latest version and dump it right on top […]

An Arrest That Doesn’t Pass the Sniff Test

When I first spotted the headline that some guy was charged for the crime of farting, it just struck me as one of those inexplicable voids of common sense. The summary at WSAZ explains everything: When police were trying to get fingerprints, police say Cruz moved closer to the officer and passed gas on him. […]

Shocking News About Clay Aiken!

Turns out he’s gay.

Why Not Bail Out the GOOD Banks?

This is probably wrong in so many ways, but why are we helping the bad financial institutions? Wouldn’t it make more sense to help out the good ones? I think, first of all, that the plan is not to simply give away the $700 billion. Instead, the U.S. Treasury will take over bad mortgage investments. […]

Nothing Profound On the Financial Crisis

As an economics blogger, I feel I should say something about the current economic crisis hitting our financial institutions. However, my libertarian philosophy isn’t helping me as much as I’d like when it comes to the current financial crisis. It’s not that pure free-market economics doesn’t provide an answer. It does. I’m just not confident […]

Knight Rider — Review

The new Knight Rider series premiers September 24 at 7pm central time on NBC, and based on the first episode, it’s pretty true to the spirit of the original. By which I mean it’s kind of dumb. I suppose I should include a pro-forma explanation of the series premise, for handful of people who don’t know […]

Hey Feds, Buy My Camera Lens

Dear Federal Government, Please buy my Nikon 35mm f/2 lens. I bought it in 2006 for $300. My thinking was that a lens at that focal length with that aperture—a fast normal prime, in photographer lingo—would allow me to take medium shots of people in low light. I thought I would get a lot of good […]

If You Think 24 Is Too Realistic…

If you think 24 is too realistic, then you should probably watch the new Knight Rider TV series, which premiers on September 24th.. The first episode is available online for free.

Change I Can Believe In

Windypundit is published using the Movable Type blogging engine from Six Apart, and they’ve just released an interesting sounding update. I think I’ll switch to it in the next week or two. I may have to rebuild the templates that create the look and feel of this site, but even if I don’t, I’m getting a […]

“Do you, Party A, take Party B…”

Moby Kip points us to this story by Jennifer Garza of the Sacramento Bee: Last month, Rachel Bird exchanged vows with Gideon Codding in a church wedding in front of family and friends. As far as Bird is concerned, she is a bride. To the state of California, however, she is either “Party A” or […]