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The Chicago Defense Bar Notices Me

A few days ago, I lamented the poor state of Chicago-based criminal defense blogs. As I hoped, a few local lawyers spotted it and spoke up. The first one was Chicago divorce lawyer Maria Fahnert. Not what I’m looking for, but since she was nice enough to leave a comment—and wasn’t obviously just marketing herself—I […]

Prosecutors and Victims and Defense Lawyers and Clients

Scott Greenfield has a terrific article about the troubles prosecutors have with victims and defense lawyers have with clients. Be sure to read the whole thing, as the final paragraph wraps it up nicely. Those of us in the software business sometimes have a similar, though much less emotional, relationship with our clients. Unless you’re […]

How Are Gay People Just Like Whales?

Kip Esquire explains.

A Busy Memorial Day

Well, today is Memorial Day. It’s also my birthday. And my dad’s birthday is in a few days. To celebrate, the paramedics took my father to the emergency room at Hines Veteran’s Hospital. He had trouble breathing this morning and asked my mother to call 911. By the time the paramedics showed up, my dad was […]

How Not To Handle a Police Encounter

I complain a lot about abusive cops, so it’s only fair then that I link to this video of a bunch of cops handling some outrageously abusive people with calm professionalism. Caution: Very bad language.

A Really Evil Law: Civil Forfeiture

Last August I started a series of posts about troublesome features of laws that were absurdly complicated or that prescribed disproportionately heavy punishment, usually as a result of legislators trying to show they were “tough on crime.” In a homage to Gideon’s post on the “most evil legal principle,” I called my series “Evil Lawmaking.” […]

Interviewing a Client Without the Lawyer’s Permission

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Mark Bennett wrote about reporter Jennifer Latson’s attempt to interview an accused criminal without approval from his lawyer. The suspect’s lawyer was not amused. The lawyer wrote to the reporter requesting that she not talk to his client without first asking him. Her response was “I’d refer you to the United […]

Don’t Ask About Imaginary Child Porn

Scott Greenfield has an interesting response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Protect Act in U.S. v. Williams. …The problem is that criminalizing the speech of making offer/requests for kiddie porn, but then not requiring that there actually be kiddie porn or that the porn under discussion actually involves children, disconnects the speech from the […]

We’re #1! We’re #1!

Our unique combination of demand, location, and anti-pollution chemistry rockets Chicago to the top once again: A national survey says the average price for regular gasoline rose about 17 cents in the last two weeks, with the highest price in Chicago at $4.07 a gallon. I keep telling myself it wasn’t foolish of my wife […]

Trying to Work Around The Captcha Problem

Some of you who’ve tried to leave comments have probably noticed that it doesn’t work very well. The Captcha codes—those annoying strange characters you have to type—just aren’t working right. This is a bizarre and frustrating bit of misbehavior out of the Movable Type blogging engine. So much of it normally works so well. I’ve […]

Wanted: Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer

No, I’m not in trouble. But I could be someday, and it would be nice to know who to call. Because I spend so much time on legal blogs, I know a few good lawyers, just not around here. (Actually, I don’t know that they’re good—how could I really tell?—but they sound good, which is […]

Hunting Ashley

The New York Post seems rather proud of itself for what it claims are the first public photos of Ashley Alexandra Dupre since it was revealed that she was the “Kristen” that former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer paid $4300 to have sex with. I’m more than a little appalled that this young lady is […]

Agitator Meet-Up

I went to the Agitator meet-up tonight and finally got to meet Radley Balko. I’ve been reading his stuff for a while, and I really admire the work he did on the Cory Maye case. The meetup wasn’t exactly huge. Only a handful of people showed, and only two of us weren’t already friends of […]

Teh Gays are Coming, Teh Gays Are Coming!

After yesterday’s ruling from the California Supreme Court that gay marriage could not be banned, the Illinois Review posted a press release from the Alliance for Marriage Foundation. It begins: The Alliance for Marriage Foundation urged the people of California to constitutionally protect marriage in their state, while calling upon Congress to pass AFM’s federal […]

Why I Am Not a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Over at Simple Justice, Scott Greenfield says some nice things about an article I wrote: It’s got merit. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that Mark Draughn is a smart guy.  No wonder he never became a lawyer. Mark is the Windypundit of Windypundit fame. For some unclear reason, he finds the […]