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RIAAx2, Illegal Checklists, Penis Police, and the Worst Prosecutor of the Year

Random shots around the web:

  • When the revolution comes, can somebody make sure that these RIAA jerks are the first ones up against the wall?
  • Seriously, I’d probably vote for any presidential candidate that will pledge to screw the recording industry into the ground for this crap.
  • Improving medical care may be illegal if you skip the stupid paperwork.
  • If you’re a city mayor or town manager and your police have time to do stuff like this, I think you can safely cut the police manpower budget without hurting the crime rate.
  • The most difficult voting choice I’ve had to make in a long time: Worst Prosecutor of the Year.


Sex Sells

Looking through the server logs for Windypundit, I noticed that my bandwidth usage was up to 40 gigabytes this month, which is pretty high. A little investigation showed that just over half the bandwidth consisted of this stock photo from last year:

Ms. Clause

That photo was served to the web 170,000 times this month. Since Windypundit didn’t have anywhere near that many visits this month, I can only assume that someone has hotlinked the file into their own web site. Shame on them.

I just replaced that file with one about 1/4 the size, which should reduce my bandwidth usage by about 35% if people keep hitting that photo.

Thinking Outside the Box to Grow Your Criminal Law Practice

I know that a few criminal defense lawyers read this blog, so as a service to them, I’m going to take this time to explain an exciting new 3-step process for building a successful private practice.

Step one, start law firms that focuses on an area of criminal law such as traffic offenses or DUI, like Virginia lawyers David Albo and H. Morgan Griffith.

Step two, get elected to the state legislature.

Step three, work to pass harsh laws against the very offenses you make money defending, so more people will have to hire lawyers.

With this simple proces, you should soon begin raking in the dough. You can thank me by donating a portion of your earnings using the “Make A Donation” button off to the left there.

A Little Something to Keep You In Good Cheer This Christmas


Well, it’s that time of year again. I know I’m going to be too busy with Christmas to post much myself, so I want to try to amp up my stats without doing a lot of work.

Last year’s sexy Miss Santa post seems to have earned me a few hits, so I’ve decided it’s now a Windypundit tradition for us to have a little cheesecake at Christmas time.

(Since the Reason magazine crowd has a certain fascination with the “Reason Pillow Girl,” I’ll get that out of the way right now with the photo on the left of her trying to get you drunk for the holidays.)

Another reason I’m doing this post today is that I keep getting email from iStockphoto telling me that my download credits are about to expire, so it’s use ’em or lose ’em.

If you login to iStockphoto and do a search for “sexy woman santa”, you’ll get over 1000 hits. It’s a popular theme for photographers because all you need is a camera, a light source, some seemless paper for the background, and a model.

Actually, of course, there’s one more thing you need if you want your stock photo to be a Christmas stock photo: It’s very important that you have the model wearing a Santa hat. It’s just doesn’t say Christmas without one.

The result, at least when you buy from a low-budget stock photo site, is something of a mixed bag. Sometimes the result of applying the formula is pretty good:


And sometimes…not so much.


Well, I have to get going. I’ve got some Christmas visiting to do. Also, that just about uses up all my download credits, and I don’t want to spend any money on this.

Merry Christmas, everybody.


The Undesirables are Already Here

Go read this first-hand account of Icelandic citizen Eva Ósk Arnardóttir’s visit to the United States. Because she overstayed her visa by three weeks in 1995, she was refused admittance, meaning she had wasted the cost of her flight.

Then she was detained, photographed, fingerprinted, questioned, searched, refused access to someone from her nation’s embassy, handcuffed, led through the airport by armed men, and jailed.

I guess this is part of our attempt to keep out undesirable foreigners.

But when I hear about things like this, it’s not the Eva Ósk Arnardóttirs of the world who bother me, it’s the folks at Homeland Security who did this to her that make me the most angry. I am ashamed they are my countrymen.

So when it comes to the half-million or so people who enter this country illegally every year, I say “Welcome.” As long as we have these Homeland Security thugs (and others like them) in our country, your presence can only improve the average quality of the American people.

(Hat tip: Simple Justice.)

Welcome to the Planet of the Apes

I’m fascinated by the conservative obession with evolution. On Illinois Review, Jill Stanek quotes with some approval this statement by Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee:

If anybody wants to believe they are the descendants of a primate, they are certainly welcome to do it. I don’t know how far they will march that back. But I believe all of us in this room are the unique creations of a God who knows us and loves us and created us for His own purpose.

Well, I certainly believe I’m descendant from primates. I just saw them a few days ago. It was mom’s birthday.

You see, Huck, it’s worse than you think. No only are we descended from primates, we are primates.

If you examine us humans carefully, looking at our bone structures, our organ systems, our eyes, brains, blood chemistry, the proteins that we’re made from, and the DNA that makes the proteins, we bear a close resemblance to all the other animals in the order of Primates.

In fact, we fit into the Hominidea family, along with orangutans, gorillas, and chimpanzees, also known as the great apes. So, we’re already living on the Planet of the Apes, because we are apes too.

This has nothing to do with evolution. The morphological similarities between humans and the apes was obvious well before Darwin proposed his great theory. Some discoveries, such as the similarities of our DNA, came after the theory of evolution, but they are true independently of whether evolution is true.



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