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A Shot Heard ‘Round the World?

The Revolution Is Coming! The Revolution Is Coming! Well, I can hope, can’t I?

It Must Be Nice To Have a Union…

In February, rookie Cincinnati Police Officer Elizabeth Phillips responded to a pair of car crashes but didn’t ticket anyone. That omission annoyed her boss, so Phillips wrote a pair of tickets. The drivers were long gone, however, so she decided to forge their signatures on the ticket and throw away their copies. This made it […]


I am thankful for My friends and family, because they should always come first. Computers, which have provided me with gainful employment for 25 years. Television, for the golden age of entertainment that never seems to end. The Internet, which connects me to everything in the world. People who link to me, making Windypundit—at least […]

Toads, Powder, Scumbags, Chuck, and Manly Men

Random shots around the web: Arrested for possession with intent to lick. Police find a suspicious white powder in a residence that used to be an old sugar factory? What, oh what, could it possibly be? Disabled with a war wound? Guess you’ll have to refund your signing bonus for failure to fulfill your contract. […]

On Idiots and International Plaza

My old post about eminent domain abuse at International Plaza in Arlington Heights attracted a new comment a few days ago: The center looks horrible and TARGET SHOULD HAVE GONE THERE!!! The place looks like complete dog sh**!!! I can’t believe a bunch of idiots stopped it from happening. You should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!TARGET WILL […]

Glassbooth Presidential Candidate Selector

Not sure who to vote for?  There’s an interesting presidential candidate selector quiz over at You start by ranking the importance of the issues, which you do by distributing 20 points over 14 issues. For example, if the most important issues are health care and social security, you might give those each 5 points, […]

My Father Before the War

When I think of veterans, I think of my dad. As I understand it, my father joined the army when he was 17—I think he lied about his age—and he’s 88 now, so anything he remembers happened a long time ago. Some things about the army were very different back then, and this evening on Veteran’s Day I though I’d […]


Random shots around the web: 24: The Unaired 1994 Pilot Making it illegal for bosses to be assholes is one of those ideas that sounds great after a bad day at the office, but I think it would just lead to a lot of productivity-wasting lawsuits. Why federal-level plans to put more cops on the street didn’t […]


Random shots around the web: Bringing the hammer down on octogenerian poker games. Busted by the hug police. Unless something is done, the Chicago Transit Authority will take drastic measures in October November January. Danger!  Danger!  ’70’s fashion! Windypundit is still banned in China, how about you? (Hat tips: Balko, VPo)

Tasering During a Welfare Check

The So-Called Austin Mayor blog links to a Sun Times column by Mary Mitchell about some Chicago cops who were called in to do a welfare check on 82-year-old Lillian Fletcher and ended up tasering her. I’m not particularly willing to let cops get away with stuff, and this sounds pretty awful, but…I think the cops might have […]

More Economic Thinking About Snitching

I’m having a little trouble finding time to keep up the conversation, but Scott Greenfield at Simple Justice has responded to my speculative post on why clients might prefer to hire a lawyer who refuses to represent snitches. He says some nice things about me, but his response makes it clear that I get way […]

Snitching and Criminal Defense

Some of the practicing lawyers in the blogosphere are arguing about whether it’s ethical to refuse to represent clients who snitch to the government to get a better deal. On one side we have Mark Bennett, who refuses to have anything to do with snitches. His contract with his clients makes this clear in advance. […]


A few random shots: New York mayor Micheal Bloomberg thinks that having illegal drugs in your system when you die undoes the heroism of an NYPD detective who was one of the first on the scene at Ground Zero. Find out the salary of every single employee of the City of Chicago or Cook County. Scott […]