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Scattershot Posting

A few random shots: How not to run a confidential tip line. (ht Balko) Mike Mette’s dad is driving him to prison. If the G.I. Joe movie ever makes it out of development, rumor has it Joe might lose his American identity and become a member of an international special forces team based in Brussels, presumably working for […]

Rudy Rex?

Even before he started running for president, there were three things I didn’t like about Rudy Giuliani when he was mayor of New York: He said things like this. He tried to shut down legal businesses he disliked, such as strip clubs and adult bookstores. He aggressively defended New York police officers against accusations of misconduct before investigating. After police chief Bratton brought down New […]

Obama and the Flag: This Time It’s Interesting

Maybe. I thought the kerfuffle over Obama not wearing a flag pin was pretty dumb. I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody on Obama’s campaign staff orchestrated the whole mess to make his opponents look petty. Now John Ruberry just pointed out another flag flap for Obama. This time it’s a picture of him and several other people […]

An Auto Theft Ring With Badges

The evil lawmaking just keeps on coming. Automobiles with aftermarket exhaust systems may be seized if they pass through Rossville, Illinois and a police officer thinks the vehicle is making too much noise. The village will also authorize police to grab a vehicle if an unruly passenger “resists” an officer’s commands. This is, of course, […]

Scattershot Posting

Interesting stuff around the web this morning: Reason‘s David Weigel watched last night’s Republican debate so you didn’t have to. Maryland Transportation Secretary John D Porcari wants to hit drivers with a $2000 fine for speeding in a highway work zone. I’m sure this is strictly out of concern for workers—even though the most common cause […]

Scattershot Posting

I’m busy on my day job lately, and I don’t have time to write much, but here are a few stories that caught my eye: This appears to be yet another self-righteous animal rescue operation that has become an excuse for small people to exercise power over others. At least this time, they didn’t kill […]

Crime Rampages Out of Control in the 16th Police District!

People running stop signs! Illegal truck parking! Somebody thinks her neighbor might be selling drugs to his friends! Sigh. That’s the problem with living in a very safe neighborhood. Not much police news. My second Chi-Town Daily News story is up. I did manage to work in a bit about lesbians. Well…implied lesbians.

800 Photos of the 2007 Chicago Marathon

I wasn’t planning to take any pictures of the Chicago Marathon this year because I knew I’d be too busy to process and upload all the photos. However, when I woke up unusually early on Sunday morning I decided I could at least drive back to Chinatown and take some pictures, even if I didn’t […]

Ann Coulter Explains Why Christianity Is Better

Check out this awesome video of Ann Coulter explaining how things would be better in this country if everyone was Christian. I’m especially impressed with how she explains the advantages of being a Christian to her Jewish host: Well, it’s a lot easier, it’s kind of a fast track. You have to obey…You have to […]

Marathon Responsibilities and Risks

The recent meltdown of the Chicago Marathon serves as an interesting example for discussing issues of responsibility and risk taking. Over at Marathon Pundit, John Ruberry is taking issue with a Chicago Tribune opinion piece by Mike Downey, who has offered his take on who is responsible for the meltdown of the Chicago Marathon. He says […]

No Hard Feelings

Ken Lammers posts a fascinating account of prosecuting a habitual offender.

More On the Marathon Problems

The story of yesterday’s marathon meltdown is taking shape. Runners continue to report water shortages along the way, but marathon officials insist there was plenty of water to be had. Friend-of-the-blog John Ruberry ran in the race (and finished it), and he reported no problems getting water. On the other hand, I was in Chinatown […]

Evil Lawmaking: DUI

It’s all been building up to this. When it comes to Evil Lawmaking, DUI has it all. Every evil lawmaking practice I’ve mentioned so far, and then some. That alone makes it an example of the evil lawmaking practice of Piling On. The DUI laws are are twisted maze created by decades of legislators trying to […]

A Preview of Terrorism

Did you ever wonder if your city was really prepared to handle a major terrorist attack? Here in Chicago, which is in the running for the 2016 Olympics, we may have just found out the answer. No, we didn’t have a terrorist attack. We had the 2007 Chicago Marathon on the hottest day ever in race history. According […]

Stripping for Science

Evidence that the effects of fertility are detectable by men: A study shortly to be published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour found that lap dancers in their most fertile phase of the menstrual cycle earned much more than dancers in the least fertile phase. Read the whole story.