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Do you have your period?

This is the creepiest and stupidest thing I’ve read all week.

Not a Great Time For the Chicago Police…

Chicago cops complain a lot about the way they’re treated in the local media, which seems to give voice to every complaint about the police. If a neighborhood has a high crime rate, the newspapers publish stories about inadequate policing. When an officer shoots someone, the media is full of family members’ allegations that the […]

Meet The New Blog – Same As The Old Blog

[Update: ARG!!!  Lots of problems! Working on it…] [Update: Okay, I think I fixed the problem by reloading the templates.] [Update: Put back author names under the titles. Rebuilt static web pages.] Windypundit has now been upgraded to run on Movable Type 4. I started the process of porting Windypundit to the new software several weeks ago […]

Bionic Woman – An Early Review

This is a considerably darker and less kitschy version than the original 70’s incarnation, ala the recently re-envisioned Battlestar Galactica. Exec producer David Eick even hails from Galactica. It stars Michelle Ryan as Jaime Sommers (natch), the recipient of some unexpected biological replacement parts. She then becomes the target of both the agency that created […]

Evil Lawmaking: Administrative Punishment

Continuing my somewhat interrupted series of articles on bad, sloppy, or downright evil lawmaking, I’d like to talk about administrative punishment. If you commit a crime and get caught, one way or another you eventually end up in court, where if you’re convicted, a judge decides your punishment. So then you serve your time, pay […]

The Spouses’ Debate

Cartoonist David Horsey on the possiblilites at a Spouse’s Debate.

Virginia Postrel…

…just got some bad news. She’s been diagnosed with breast cancer. She worked it into this list of 8 Random Facts about her. Damn. Virginia is an author, a speaker, and a past editor of Reason magazine. My thoughts and writing on many issues have been influenced by her strong advocacy of classical liberal values […]

Richard Paey Is Free!

Terrific news today. Richard Paey, one of the worst victims of the War on Drugs, has just been pardoned. The state’s parole commission recommended denying clemency for Paey, who was only seeking to have his prison sentence commuted. But after his lawyer, wife and four children wept and pleaded for Paey’s release, [Florida Governor Charlie] […]

Chuck – An Early Review

This was an excellent pilot. It’s smart. It’s funny. It’s sexy. A successful blend of comedy and action, it grabs you very early on with some pretty cool action sequences. Chuck is a highly intelligent but underachieving employee at a Best Buy-type of store. He gets an email from an old college roommate who is […]

Examining the Federal in the Federation

Ilya Somin is thinking way too much about Star Trek’s United Federation of Planets: I would suggest that it is only Earth that is socialistic, while the other member worlds have free market systems or mixed economies. The human-dominated Star Fleet military is the only Federation military force, and is tasked with collecting tribute from […]

“If You Like Pina Coladas…”

Without the happy ending. (Hat tip: Balko)

How Business Is Done In Illinois

This has the ring of truth.

Who Benefits From Janet Jackson’s Bare Breast?

The Illinois Review has a post by David E. Smith of the Illinois Family Institute about CBS‘s appeal of the fine they paid to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for televising Janet Jackson’s bare breast during their 2004 Super Bowl coverage. While the government cannot regulate speech, they can prohibit indecent broadcast content on the […]

Nassau County, Brazil

Scott Greenfield has the story of how a clerical error lead a New York court to put a man on trial for a charge that had already been dismissed, and nobody seemed to notice anything wrong until a month after he was convicted. It’s actually even worse than it sounds. Read it for yourself.

The Big Bang Theory – An Early Review

I just saw a preview of The Big Bang Theory, a sitcom about two highly intelligent but nerdy roommates who have a pretty new neighbor move in across the hall from them. It was co-created by Chuck Lorre, the man who gave us Two and a Half Men so I had reasonably high expectations. It […]