May 2007

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Instapundit had a link to an infuriating AP story: WASHINGTON: The Bush administration said Tuesday it will fight to keep meatpackers from testing all their animals for mad cow disease. […]

Here’s a slightly annoying Chicago Tribune editorial about changes in the rules for teenage drivers here in Illinois. Basically, they’ve increased the restrictions teenagers face. The new rules include: – […]

In an op-ed entitled “A Great Idea Lives Forever. Shouldn’t Its Copyright?” in last Sunday’s New York Times author Mark Helprin tries to make the case for eternal copyright. Once […]

Fans of this blog, or at least of this blog’s catblogging, may have noticed that most of the pictures are of sleeping cats. What can I say? I am surrounded […]

Yesterday, officials at MySpace refused to turn over the names of users who were registered sex offenders to the attorneys general of several states. According to a USA Today story: […]

Today is Gas Out Day, a day of protest against high gas prices being organized through a grass-roots effort in emails and blogs. Here is a one description I grabbed […]