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What Will Happen to the Kurds?

Wretchard at The Belmont Club points to an article in the Sierra Vista Herald about an address by Qubad J. Talabany, a representative of Iraqi Kurdistan, to a U.S. military Training and Doctrine Command Cultural Awareness Summit: In 1974, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger led the United States away from supporting a Kurdish homeland. After […]

Friday Catblogging

No real blogging today, so here are a few cat pictures to contemplate.

It Hurts Being Green

I would normally save a video like this until Friday, but I have a feeling we’re just counting the minutes until the DMCA take-down notice. I don’t want to spoil it too much, but it’s Kermit the Frog following in Mr Johnny Cash’s footsteps with his own very special cover of Trent Reznor’s “Hurt.” To […]

Whose Freedom? Counting the Cost

I’m listening to the audiobook of George Lakoff’s Whose Freedom?: The Battle Over America’s Most Important Idea, in which he contrasts the progressive and conservative ideas of freedom. Lakoff repeats over and over again that progressive morality is built on empathy, whereas conservative morality is based on discipline. That formulation makes a certain amount of […]

Hacking John McCain

Apparently, Senator John McCain has a MySpace page. Rather than using the boring default design, whoever built the page for McCain used a customized MySpace template that he got from Mike Davidson. Only problem is, he forgot to credit Mike, which is all Mike asks for if you want to use his template. Well, that […]

Whose Freedom? Models For Government.

For reasons not worth explaining, I’ve been listening to the audiobook of George Lakoff’s Whose Freedom?: The Battle Over America’s Most Important Idea, which is about the conflict between progressives and conservatives over the idea of freedom. The book’s subtitle is a bit misleading, although technically correct. I was expecting a book about different ideas […]

This Can’t Be Good, Part 2

I’m holding in my hand one of those “Sorry We Missed You!” cards from the Post Office. It says they’re holding a certified letter for me. From the IRS. Update: It turns out they just want money, and not a lot of it. I need to do a little research, but I’m pretty sure sure […]

This Can’t Be Good, Part 1

I get my internet service from Speakeasy. They have a good reputation and terrific technical support. Today I got an email from their CEO, Bruce Chatterley, announcing that they’ve just been bought by Best Buy. He’s real excited about all this, of course, This agreement is a major step forward for our company. While our […]

The Strangeness of Google Ads

The Google ads to the left are chosen by Google, based on its analysis of the content of my blog. Sometimes the choices are a bit odd. Yesterday I blogged my review of the movie 300. So what ads does Google think are appropriate for a story about the amazing Spartan soliders and their fierce […]

300 – Review

I saw the movie 300 last night. I knew it had been produced by some of the same people who made Sin City, and the previews showed it clearly applied a similarly gritty, visceral visual style to the violence. That worried me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind violence in films—heck, I love a […]

A Few Words from an NSL Recipient

The Washington Post has a fascinating anonymous op-ed by someone who received a national security letter (NSL). These letters are demands for information by the FBI (or other agencies, I presume) that have not been approved by any court and which come with a gag order prohibiting their disclosure to anyone. According to a report […]

Links I Get

As a blogger, I like it when people link to me. It sends me both visitors and search engine link juice, and I appreciate that. So I make a point of checking out who’s linking to me. Sometimes I get a surprising reminder that the World-Wide-Web is really world-wide, as with this link. Thanks for […]

Comic Genius / Comic Giants

While I was surfing for info on my last post on the TV show Rules of Engagement, I came across someone else’s review of the show. They referred to David Spade as a “comic genius”. Really?? David Spade? Some might argue that the phrase comic genius is an oxymoron, but it got me to thinking […]

Truth In Trial

Over at Crime & Federalism, Norm Pattis has been explaining why defense attorneys are not much interested in the guilt or innocence of their clients. In a followup, he defends the adversarial process against the accusation that it leads to disrespect for truth in court proceedings. I have only a layman’s familiarity with the legal […]

Stay Away From Brooksville!

Brooksville, Florida is apparently being run by fascists: According to the proposed ordinance, a vehicle owner must pay a parking fine within 72 hours if a meter maid claims his automobile was improperly parked, incurring tickets worth between $5 and $250. Failure to pay this amount results in the assessment of a fifty-percent “late fee.” […]