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How to Promote Your Television Show

This is a breaking story, but apparently Turner Broadcasting wanted to promote their surreal Cartoon Network show Aqua Teen Hunger Force in an unusual way, so they hired New York’s Interference Inc., which describes itself as “A nationwide guerilla and alternative marketing agency,” to drum up some street-level publicity. I guess you could say it […]


Via Instapundit, here’s a look at Jumbolair, the fly-in community in Ocala, Florida where John Travolta lives. (He uses his Gulfstream executive jet when he doesn’t feel like taking the big plane.) I think if you enjoy flying, this is the way to live.

Sour N Sweet

I just discovered Sour N Sweet, a silly little blog with a bunch of silly little stories. I am sick. The kind of sick that makes the thought of consuming anything other than ginger ale and Jell-O a scary proposition. With our household’s Jell-O supply depleted last week by the previous host to the virus […]

Performing Like a Professional

You don’t have to be a big-time musician to understand how to show some class. Here’s Robbie Link writing about something that has to sting a bit: It’s a running joke/sad truth amongst musicians about the shows where the band outnumbers the audience. I’ve been there. It doesn’t matter if it’s an eighty piece orchestra […]

New Comment Filter

I’m trying a new spam filter for my comments. Instead of showing you a CAPTCHA picture, it just asks you to type a word. It seems more stable than the previous plugin too. Try it out.


John Hawkins Defends the Drug War

John Hawkins of Right Wing News has an editorial in Human Events defending the war on drugs. I want to talk about a few of the arguments he makes: Libertarians often attack the war on drugs as a waste of tax dollars and an infringement on personal liberties. That is misguided thinking that comes from […]

Modeling the Human Face

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen all week: Morphable Model Face The beginning explains how it works, then the really cool stuff begins. (Hat tip: Lindsey Bayerstein)

Apollo 11 Plaque

A couple months ago I mentioned that Richard Nixon’s name would be long-remembered because it’s engraved on the Apollo 11 plaque on the airless surface of the moon. I started wondering how long the plaque would actually last and did some research, but for some reason I didn’t post what I found. I can’t find […]

State of the Union 2007 – Some Notes

Now that I’ve got some sleep, I have a few more thoughts on the State of the Union address. I’ll be skipping around a bit. I liked some of the general fluff at the front: The rite of custom brings us together at a defining hour — when decisions are hard and courage is needed. […]

State of the Union 2007

I haven’t seen it yet (I’ll wait for the transcript and read along), but I’m predicting that the state of our union is strong, and we can make it even stronger. But that’s just a guess. Update: Okay, now I’ve seen it, and I was close: …the State of our Union is strong, our cause […]

Scared Bunny on Signs

Here’s an idea for a post I wish I had come up with: Scared Bunny is blogging about strange signs in the restroom at work.

A Perfect Circle

I’m fascinated by people who can do useless things very well, so I liked Grandinite‘s link to a video of a guy who’s won a fast freehand circle drawing contest.

Restitution of Famous Murderers

Is it ethical to sell-off a criminal’s possessions to pay restitution to his victims? You’d certainly think so. After all, he took something from the victims, so he should have to give them back enough money to make up for what they lost. It’s a basic case of making good for the damage done. When […]

Comparing Strange and Culosi

Here’s a disturbing comparison between a pair of news items: Jennifer Lea Strange dies from drinking too much at a water drinking contest hosted by KDND, a Sacramento, California radio station. The very next day the station cancels the show and fires everyone involved. Fairfax, Virginia Police shoot and kill Sal Culosi as he emerges […]