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2006 in Review

I just spent a few hours reviewing the last year of postings to see what Windypundit was all about. For me, 2006 was the year in which I had my 100,000th visitor we found out the truth about executed murderer John Kenneth Coleman the President gave us the important news that “the state of our […]

Arlington Glass

Mission Accomplished

Saddam Hussein 1937 – 2006

Never Get Busted

The drug liberalization blogosphere is all abuzz over Barry Cooper. He’s apparently a former Texas narcotics officer who has produced a video called “Never Get Busted” in which he apparently explains how to avoid getting arrested for drug possession. As it happens, I too have a foolproof system for avoiding a drug possession arrest: I […]

The Iraq Victory That Might Have Been

Way back in February of 2003, I published my modest proposal for a victory in Iraq. Basically, I noticed that Saddam Hussein didn’t care what we did in Iraq as long as he thought he was still in power. So we take that to an extreme: My proposal is that we follow a strategy of […]

The Post-Apocalyptic Desolation of Christmas Day at the Mall

After enduring a full month of insane shopping frenzy at the malls, I usually find that Christmas Day itself feels like the end-of-the-world. I’m not a big fan of black and white photos from a digital camera because it seems like faking—the digital sensor always captures a color image—but I think it works for this […]

XMAS in the TIF

This is Pesche’s Flowers, one of the many businesses in Des Plaines, Illinois, that the city claims is “blighted” so they can abuse their eminent domain power to replace it with something they like better. The city’s materials justifying the TIF show some of the worst views of some of the uglier properties, so I […]

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!

I think Miss Claus here would like you to have a Merry Christmas. The site I got this from describes it as “a sexy Mrs. Claus.” Unless Santa likes ’em really young, however, I think this must be one of his daughters, thus the “Miss” above. Careful guys, he knows when you’ve been bad. (Why […]

Breathtaking Stupidity in the War On Drugs

Amy Barrilleaux of WQAD reports: “(I was) made to feel like a criminal — Made to feel low, dirty. Just totally degraded,” recalled Tim Naveau, who says he’ll never forget the hours he spent in Rock Island County Jail — he says all because of his allergies. Naturally, this degradation is part of the War […]

An Anti-TIF PAC in Des Plaines

Cal Skinner just sent me an email pointing out a PAC called Des Plaines Residents for Responsible Taxation. Its officers are Scott Olson and Barbara VanSlambrouck, co-owners respectively of Geiser-Berner and Chromatech, both of which are threatened by the Five-Corners TIF in Des Plaines. I spoke to another Geiser-Berner co-owner, Robert Janczak, a while back […]

Arlin-Golf Plaza and the Residences

Photo Archive Google Earth Google Maps In my previous post, I was exploring some of International Plaza’s neighbors that are also part of the TIF district and in danger of condemnation. In the photo above, the building in the background is the Arlin-Golf Plaza strip mall. As I walked around to take more pictures, the […]

International Plaza and Its Neighbors

Photo Archive Google Earth Google Maps There was a rally for International Plaza a few weeks ago, but I had errands to run that morning, and by the time I got to the Plaza, all the excitement was over. There were just a few stragglers, including a newspaper reporter and Leo Plotkin who owns Unigma […]

Vigil for International Plaza

Last night, tipped off by Cal Skinner’s post, I went to cover a protest staged by the Coalition to Save International Plaza outside an Arlington Heights village board meeting at the Senior Center at 1801 W. Central Road. I was surprised how many people showed up, many of them protesting on the abstract issue of […]

Just Say No to Inhalents

The Drug Czar’s blog, in a post about YouTube videos showing people using inhalents, links with some approval to the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition, which features a poster with these words: Sniffing Correction Fluid Can Stop Your Heart If you sniff to get high, you’re inhaling poisons that do definite damage. So stop. Before your […]

Moral Posturing About Richard Paey

My paying job has kept me too busy to blog much, but I’ve been thinking about a particular application of something Fernando Tesón wrote on Tuesday about how to distinguish between moral posturing and genuine moral principles: We propose The Display Test: a position is genuinely moral when the speaker can accept, without embarrassment, its […]