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International Plaza – Email Interview

Photo Archive Google Earth Google Maps I emailed Leo Plotkin about this coming Saturday’s rally to save International Plaza. He answered a few of my questions: Who else is involved in organizing the rally? All of the owners of the small businesses located at International Plaza will be attending the rally. What businesses do they […]

Save International Plaza

Photo Archive Google Earth Google Maps From Christina Walsh at the IJ: This Saturday, December 2, a new organization called Save International Plaza is holding a rally at 10am in Arlington Heights. The Village is considering seizing all of the businesses in International Plaza through eminent domain to replace them with a SuperTarget. These folks […]

Fashizzle My Lizzle

Oh dear God…the crowd of lawyers and law professors at The Volokh Conspiracy is discussing the etymology of “bootylicious.”

Camera Buying Guide / Begging

People who know I’m into photography sometimes ask me for advice about buying a camera, so I’ve been planning to put together a holiday buying guide. Amazon, however, showed me a better way. They have a feature called aStore that allowed me to build my own online store—called WindyShopping of course—through which I can sell […]

What American accent do you have?

This is about what I was expecting: What American accent do you have? Your Result: The Inland North You may think you speak “Standard English straight out of the dictionary” but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like “Are you from Wisconsin?” or “Are you from Chicago?” Chances […]

Garden Swans

Hostage Down

While most of us were enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with our families, Chicago police were dealing with a hostage situation that did not end well. The standoff began early Thanksgiving morning after an armed man took what was then believed to be two young women hostage inside their apartment building. The gunman opened fire on authorities […]

Drinking and Driving

Just to let you all know, I’m planning to do some drinking and driving this holiday weekend. Not drunk driving, mind you—that would be illegal—just some drinking and then some driving. I’m very nearly a teetotaller by inclination. I think I’ve had four, maybe even five drinks so far this year. No reason for it, […]

A Personal Astronomical Crisis

I was driving home from dinner with the parents when suddenly it hit me: I don’t know how many planets there are! The IAU met to decide on it a few months ago, but the rule they settled on was not the rule everybody thought they’d settle on. I can’t remember what they decided, so […]

Thanks For…Reason Magazine

I can’t remember the first time I picked up Reason magazine. It was probably in the mid 1990’s. I was going through a phase where I was looking for magazines about the important issues of the day. I was reading Time or Newsweek regularly—I can’t remember which. Somebody had told me that that the two […]

Naked Came the Prosecutor

In a bizarre story, the folks at the Volokh Conspiracy ask: If a prosecutor walks around naked in his office late at night and there’s nobody there to see him, is it still indecent exposure? (Full disclosure: Not to put any ugly pictures in people’s heads, but I’m often naked while writing this blog. Just […]

Atlanta Police Kill 92-Year-Old Woman

But not before she wounded three of them: Three Atlanta police officers were shot and wounded and an elderly woman killed at a house in northwest Atlanta Tuesday night. The woman, identified by relatives as 92-year old Kathryn Johnson, opened fire on the officers from the narcotics division at a house at 933 Neal Street, […]

A Moment of Despair Over the War on Drugs

In response to a previous post, I got this comment: I’ve discovered that the issue which transcends all political boundaries better than any other issue is the comprehension that the War on Drugs is a failure. Consider this organization: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. It’s comprised of cops, judges, prosecutors and others in the criminal justice […]

Exciting Ideas From the Democrats: Slavery!

Republicans have long made a big deal of the fact that they’re the party of Lincoln, that they’re the party that ended slavery. It’s pure nonsense, of course, to try to rest on the moral superiority of what your party did almost 150 years ago. It’s not as if the Democrats are the pro-slavery party. […]

Thanks, Anonymous Purchaser

I just checked my Adorama affiliate account and found out someone purchased something for $100 through this site. Thanks, whoever you are. My commission off of that will cover a few days worth of my hosting fees. I buy most of my photographic equipment from Adorama Camera. Their site is well-organized and easy to search, […]