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Fun With the TSA

Tired of all the tedium of going through airport security? Then set your laptop up so that when they ask you to open it, it shows this. (Created by Michael Solomon, referred by Philipp Lenssen.) P.S. For God’s sake, don’t really do this. You will be charged with a crime.

Justice for the Young and Attractive

The story of Julia Diaco is bouncing around the legal blogosphere. She’s an attractive young white college girl who was caught dealing drugs on the NYU campus. She could have been sentenced to as much as 25 years, but instead received a slap-on-the-wrist sentence of 5-years probation. A New York Post story, “Pot Hottie Breathes […]

Fly Away

Lenny Kravitz’s album 5 has been out for a few years now. I remember especially enjoying its hit single “Fly Away” which had an energetic video to go with it. You can hear “Fly Away” on Lenny Kravitz’s MySpace page (you’ll have to click the song yourself, I can’t figure out how to link to […]

The Dumbest Man In Texas

I know, I know, some of you are thinking George Bush. But I think it’s Captain David Alexander of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. He’s having his officers arrest people for getting drunk in bars. He justifies it this way: “Going to a bar is not an opportunity to go get drunk,” TABC Capt. David […]

Slipping Backward in Afghanistan

This is not quite what I was hoping for in Afghanistan: Abdul Rahman, 41, has been charged with rejecting Islam, a crime under this country’s Islamic laws. His trial started last week and he confessed to becoming a Christian 16 years ago. If convicted, he could be executed. I have nothing against Islam, but what […]

Kids, Don’t Do Drugs

They might make you do stupid things. (I’m a little embarassed that Blonde Justice would scoop me on this local story.)

Terror Time

Back in January, Osama bin Laden offered the United States a truce. Well, not just a truce, but also a threat: The voice in the tape said heightened security measures in the United States are not the reason there have been no attacks there since the Sept. 11, 2001 suicide hijackings. Instead, the reason is […]

It’s Good To Be King

Or President. Singer-actress Jessica Simpson, the star of “Dukes of Hazzard,” spurned an offer to attend the National Republican Congressional Committee gala fund-raiser tonight because she didn’t want to politicize her favorite charity. According to Reuters, those close to Simpson said she declined a request to appear that same evening at the fund-raiser for the […]

The Monster Engine

Radley Balko has found a really cool book by artist Dave DeVries called The Monster Engine. He takes kids’ pencil and crayon drawings of monsters, and he repaints them with a more realistic look, adding 3D shadows, colors, etc. Click on the child’s image below to see what he did with it: You can see […]

Questions for Matt to Ask the G

My wife’s boss’s son, Matthew, has a school assignment to write letters to his Congressional representative and to one of the Senators from Illinois. He’s trying to think of questions to ask them. I thought I could make a few suggestions: There’s a piece of the World Trade Center in the Drug Enforcement Agency’s exhibit […]

Pitiful Radio Shack

I was installing new hardware in a friend’s computer today, and I discovered I needed an internal power supply cable. This is a four-wire cable with white nylon connectors at each end. I figured I could just run out to good old Radio Shack to get one. When I got there, however, the sales clerk […]

“Lesbians and Feminists are Attacking”

Jane’s Law: The devotees of the party in power are smug and arrogant. The devotees of the party out of power are insane. In the North Carolina 13th Congressional District, the Democrats are in power, so it’s the Republicans who are insane, and specifically Republican candidate Vernon Robinson. You’ve got to see this Quicktime video […]

Colorblind Hollywood

In Sunday night’s Oscar show, George Clooney used his speech to congratulate Hollywood for taking on controversial progressive issues. He also mentioned with pride that the Academy gave an award to a black woman, Hattie McDaniel, in 1939. That’s admirable, and the Academy deserves credit for its colorblind recognition of outstanding acting. However, before Clooney […]

When You Spend the King’s Gold…

…this happens: The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday that military recruiters must have the same kind of access as other employers coming onto campus to give out information and conduct job interviews, if the campus receives federal money. Most campuses rely on some share of the $35 billion the government channels each year to higher […]

Carnival of the Cats #102

The 102nd Carnival of the Cats is up at Catcall!