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Straight Outta Muncie!

First there was Lazy Sunday: The Chronicles of Narnia rap. Then there was Lazy Monday: the West Coast Response. Now the midwest Represents!

Vigil For Lost Promise

On June 3rd, in Washington D.C. a bunch of people will be getting together for the first ever Vigil for Lost Promise in memory of young men and women who died from drugs. This is more than just a gathering of parents and friends to remember the departed, however. This is a cynical propaganda effort […]

Resting Kitties

It’s a little late for Friday catblogging, but it’s my site so I’ll play by my rules. You can see why we call him Dozer, can’t you? I’ve been working through many of last year’s photos. Cats sleep a lot, so you’d expect a random collection of cat photos to include a lot of pictures […]

Jesus Christ Superman

Now that everyone with a computer can do non-linear video editing, there’s a whole emerging folk art built around clever re-edits of movies. Here’s Superman re-edited into a music video for the “Overture” from Jesus Christ Superstar: It’s pretty cool and, perhaps because it features Christopher Reeve, in a way it’s kind of moving. […]

Just Me And 40 Million Teenagers

I got myself a MySpace account. Update: “Just me and 40 million teenagers,” and a herd of pedophiles chasing after the teenagers, and a pack of vice cops chasing after the pedophiles…

The Wardrobe Malfunction That Would Not Die!

Can you believe this shit is still going on? WASHINGTON – Federal regulators will stick by their decision to slap CBS with a $550,000 fine for the Janet Jackson flash at the 2004 Super Bowl. But that’s not all! They also plan new sanctions against Fox, NBC and CBS TV stations or affiliates for violating […]

Doing Things Wrong In Houston

“If you are not doing anything wrong, why should you worry about it?” —Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt He’s talking about his idea to install security cameras all over Houston, including in private businesses and apartment buildings. A fellow named Matt Asher has an interesting response: The Hurtt Prize is a $1120 (and growing) reward […]

Jane’s Law: Democratic Book Edition

Jane’s Law: The devotees of the party in power are smug and arrogant. The devotees of the party out of power are insane. From Why Mommy Is A Democrat:

Do What You Love

Philipp Lenssen links to an article by Paul Graham on How to Do What You Love. It’s about finding and doing work you enjoy. I’m all for that. The whole reason for taking a job is to earn money to spend on things that make you happy. So if you’ve found a job that makes […]

Photo Clearance Sale: Random Stuff

I’m still working through my backlog of Z3 photos. Try clicking to look at the larger images. Instead of linking to the raw JPG file, I’ve got an HTML page that provides a black background for better viewing. One of my neighbors has this in their front yard. I have no idea what this means. […]

Democrats Fire Back and Miss

Cheney hit his target, but the Democrats keep missing the point: The furor over the accident and the White House delay in making it public are “part of the secretive nature of this administration,” said Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada. “I think it’s time the American people heard from the vice president.” First […]

Cheney Shooting Now Less Funny

Harry Whittington, the guy shot by Vice President Dick Cheney, has had a mild heart attack caused by a pellet that nudged up next to his heart. That’s a heck of a lot worse than would seem to be indicated by those who say Whittington got “peppered” by Cheney’s shot. I don’t know if the […]

Hunting Safety at Hit&Run

After my post about Dick Cheney’s little hunting mishap, I posted a question in the comments to a Hit&Run post, asking about the rules for safe hunting. With as many libertarians as read that site, I figured they had to know a lot about guns. A regular calling himself Hakluyt responded, When it comes to […]

The Blog Post That Keeps On Giving

About a year ago I dropped Sprint as my mobile phone provider. I was very pissed-off with the way they had treated me, and I posted a message expressing my hurt feelings. Here’s how it begins: I’ve fucking had it up to my fucking ears with those fucking fuckers at Sprint! Fuckers through and through! […]

Butterfingers Cheney

So the Vice President shoots this guy… WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally wounded a companion with shotgun pellets on a weekend quail hunt in Texas, his office said on Sunday. Jon Stewart must be beside himself right now. I’m counting the minutes until the Daily Show. A few pellets of bird shot […]