February 2006

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First there was Lazy Sunday: The Chronicles of Narnia rap. Then there was Lazy Monday: the West Coast Response. Now the midwest Represents!

On June 3rd, in Washington D.C. a bunch of people will be getting together for the first ever Vigil for Lost Promise in memory of young men and women who […]

It’s a little late for Friday catblogging, but it’s my site so I’ll play by my rules. You can see why we call him Dozer, can’t you? I’ve been working […]

Now that everyone with a computer can do non-linear video editing, there’s a whole emerging folk art built around clever re-edits of movies. Here’s Superman re-edited into a music video […]

“If you are not doing anything wrong, why should you worry about it?” —Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt He’s talking about his idea to install security cameras all over Houston, […]

Philipp Lenssen links to an article by Paul Graham on How to Do What You Love. It’s about finding and doing work you enjoy. I’m all for that. The whole […]

Cheney hit his target, but the Democrats keep missing the point: The furor over the accident and the White House delay in making it public are “part of the secretive […]

After my post about Dick Cheney’s little hunting mishap, I posted a question in the comments to a Hit&Run post, asking about the rules for safe hunting. With as many […]

So the Vice President shoots this guy… WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally wounded a companion with shotgun pellets on a weekend quail hunt in Texas, his office […]