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Photo Clearance Sale: Naperville Riverwalk

While I’m trying to learn how to use my new Nikon D200, I’m going to publish a lot of my photos from earlier this year. It’s sort of a clearance sale to empty my inventory. Here are some nice ones from the Naperville Riverwalk. Follow this link for about two dozen more Naperville Riverwalk photos […]

Knowing About Rape

Eugene Volokh catches an apparent problem in an article in Oregon State’s Daily Barometer: According to a press release issued by the Women’s Center, 2,000 rapes occur every five minutes. This amounts to the claim that, on average, every woman in the United States is raped once every 9 months, which is absurd. Eugene tracks […]

Full Auto

Coolest. Video. Ever. (Hat tip: CrimLaw)

Censorship of Google in China

Google’s recent launch of the Chinese Google service is attracting a lot of attention because Google has agreed to censor the results in accord with Chinese law. I feel about this the same way I did when Microsoft censored its blogs: In China, the only alternative to censored service is no service at all. I […]

How Smart Is Blonde Justice?

Blonde Justice is a legal blog run by a public defender who prefers to remain anonymous and thus styles herself after the Elle Woods character played by Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2. I worry about people who run anonymous blogs. Not that I distrust their motives or anything like that. I […]

D200 On the Way

I managed to move things along a bit on the D200 front. Sort of. Last thursday, I just queried Adorama about my order for a D200 and got this response: Please be advised that you are at the top of our waiting list, however to this point we have only received one shipment from Nikon […]

Community Standards

The Volokh Conspiracy has a post about the Google subpoena, and a comment by someone using the name DEGOP has this to say about the definition of pornography: “Prevailing community standards” is the only test worth a darn. We abandon it at our peril. The problem is that community standards in San Francisco are a […]

Chuck Norris Lets Me Blog Here

Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits. Chuck Norris frequently donates blood to the Red Cross. Just not his own. I first saw Chuck Norris in 1978’s Good Guys Wear Black (directed by Ted Post, who may not be famous, but sure has been busy). I can’t really remember much of the story, but Norris […]

Fight the Power!

According to a ZDnet article, Justice Department prosecutors have asked Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL to turn over millions of records from their databases. This is all part of the government’s attempt to defend the Child Online Protection Act (COPA). The ACLU is challenging COPA in part on the grounds that compliance is impossible. To […]

Nikon D200 Blues

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about the Nikon D200 camera I want, so I figure many of you are asking yourselves, “How’s Mark doing with that new Nikon D200 camera he ordered?” I don’t have it yet. There were rumors about the new Nikon D200 well before the official announcement. So on […]

Catching Up With Mainstream Media, But Not In a Good Way

In the half-decade or so that blogging has been taking off on the World Wide Web, bloggers have envied the mainstream media for its power and influence while at the same time excoriating the mainstream media for its arrogance. The bloggers have been making continuous progress catching up on power and influence over the last […]

Clown Captured in Chicago

I just spotted the headline in Yahoo news: Reputed Mob Boss Captured in Chicago A mobster, in Chicago? Say it ain’t so! Why would a mobster in Chicago be big news? Unless… They did write “Mob Boss”… Could it be…? Holy Crap! They caught Joey “The Clown” Lombardo! Lombardo has had kind of a strange […]

This May Explain A Lot…


Shoe Fetish

Buffy has a special (and slightly disturbing) relationship with my shoes, especially right after I take them off…

Finding Truth

Earlier this week I blogged about the retesting of DNA evidence in the murder of Wanda McCoy. Roger Keith Coleman was executed for the crime 13 years ago, but various people have been insisting he was innocent and asking for the evidence to be re-tested. Now it has, and the results were about what I […]