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Resolutions for 2006

Lots of people are making New Year’s resolutions right now. Something about the list at Not Guilty made me decide to do my own: Windypundit’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2006 Same as everyone else: lose weight. I lost a bunch of weight in the first half of this year and then gained a bunch of […]

Trimming The Elements

How come criminalizing driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08%—as measured by a machine that estimates blood alcohol by measuring alcohol in a person’s breath, which it does by measuring chemical reactions in its sensor that are caused by alcohol-like compounds—is considered the law, but the constitutional presumption of innocence is considered a technicality? […]

Why I Want a Nikon D200 – Part 4

I’m posting a series of articles explaining my thinking in deciding that I want one of the new Nikon D200 cameras. I don’t know if anybody out there is interested, but photography is a new hobby for me, and I enjoy writing about new things I’ve learned. In Part 1 and Part 2 of this […]

Happy Holidays Everyone!

And Merry Christmas to all my fundamentalist Christian readers!

Osama, Suzanne, and Narnia (Slightly Late)

You’ve heard of Osama bin Laden, now meet his niece. Women Behind Bars: Meet Suzanne! Geek rappers on Saturday Night Live—I’ve heard worse white-boy rap.

Do Not Taunt Nikon D200 Happy Fun Camera

I’ve been writing about why I want a Nikon D200 camera, but now I’m not so sure. Nikon has posted the instruction manuals for download, and they’re kind of scary. Page ii Viewing the sun or other strong light source through the viewfinder could cause permanent visual impairment. Should you notice smoke or an unusual […]

Why I Want a Nikon D200 – Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series I explained the major technical advantages of a camera like the Nikon D200 over my point-and-shoot camera. However, all of these advantages are common to the entire Digital SLR camera design. I haven’t yet explained why I want a D200 rather than one of the other […]

Zamboni Emissions

The Chicago Tribune says a bunch of folks in Barrington got sick because of carbon monoxide emissions from a defective Zamboni. I suspect that this is a story mostly because it’s kind of fun to type the word Zamboni.

Sending Children a Dangerous Message

One of the most annoying responses to proposals to relax the drug war is the assertion that doing so would send the wrong message to the children. Even allowing sick people to smoke marijuana has been criticized this way. Pete Guither at Drug WarRant is asking what message are we sending by continuing the senseless […]

The 8th Wonder of the World!

Kong! Saw it. Loved it. Nothing that happens in this movie happens just a little. Director Peter Jackson lets us spend a lot of time with every beautiful scene in the film. It’s a long film, but like all the Lord of the Rings movies, it never feels long.

The Full Frame Myth

Over in the Digital Photography Review Forums, some people are badmouthing the Nikon D200 camera because it’s not full frame. What they mean is that, like most Digital SLR cameras, the sensor isn’t as large as the standard 35mm frame size used in a film camera. I’ve only been learning about photogaphy for about a […]

Overcriminalization Watch

Mike has an Overcriminalization Watch posting at Crime & Federalism listing a few minor ethical lapses that could (at least in theory) be charged as federal crimes under the mail and wire fraud laws. For example, this: using your cell phone (or sending an e-mail) to call in sick for work when you’re not really […]

Why I Want a Nikon D200 – Part 2

In my previous post on this subject, I explained a few of the major design features that make DSLR cameras better than point-and-shoot cameras (even the expensive ones). These include a larger image sensor, interchangeable lenses, and a through-the-lens viewfinder. All these features make DSLR cameras larger and more expensive than many point-and-shoot cameras, which […]

The War On Sick People Continues

Just spotted this example of screwed-up priorities over at The Agitator: Federal drug agents fanned out across San Diego on Monday, clamping down on medical marijuana dispensaries that had been doling out marijuana to sick and dying patients. I realize that even though medical marijuana is legal in the state of California, it’s still illegal […]

Seen This Robber Before?

Seen this guy before? The folks at the 7111 W. Foster branch of Liberty Bank for Savings apparently have. The FBI thinks he robbed them back on August 22nd and then again on November 28th, both Mondays.