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These are from the June 2005 Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee. If you know the maker of the beads in the last picture, let me know.

Have a Safe Halloween

Ethne at Pole Dancing in the Dark has some Halloween Helpful Hints that we should all learn for our safety.

Life, Liberty, Property

I’ve just joined the Life, Liberty, Property Community at TTLB, which is a group of 87 blogs—now 88 blogs—that share a belief that the purpose of government is to protect our inherent rights, identified by John Locke as the rights to Life, Liberty, and Property. Note their link button in the right-hand bar. Welcome, by […]

More on Restrictive Clauses

Continuing Ken Lammers’ concerns with how to distinguish restrictive and nonrestrictive clauses, I have a little bit to add to what I said earlier. I’ve checked several more writing handbooks, including the Harbrace College Handbook, the Little, Brown Handbook, the St. Martin’s Handbook, and The Careful Writer. (My editions are not as current as those […]

Smooth Criminal?

How come all the Google AdSense ads on my About Me page are for criminal defense attorneys? That can’t be good.

The Pain of Taxation

I just sent $865.96 of my hard-earned money to the United States Government. Then I sent $246.60 to the State of Illinois. I feel pretty stupid about it, but it has to be done. In fact, it has to be done several times a year. I incorporated my software consulting business a few years ago, […]

The Google Cathedral

I think I’m just a little creeped out at the thought of Google having a soul of its own.

Restricting Clause

Ken Lammers needs an English language expert for an appeal he’s writing. The argument is about the meaning of a statute, so I imagine this problem could have been avoided if the Virginia legislature had worded their law a little more carefully. Instead, someone’s freedom may depend on how restrictive clauses are supposed to be […]

Lord Con’di

A lot of people noticed that the picture of Condoleezza Rice in yesterday’s USA Today looked a little funny. To a Stargate SG-1 fan like me, it suggested nothing less than a host’s eyes glowing brightly as the controlling Goa’uld System Lord within reveals its malevolent presence. The question is not whether this was photoshopped, […]

Best of Windypundit

I’ve fixed another one of Jakob Nielsen’s top ten blog design mistakes that I mentioned earlier by creating a Best of Windypundit collection of articles to introduce newcomers to my blog: Greatness The Greatest American MADD Man Freedom Isn’t Free Wedding Night Cal Thomas’s 24-Hour Torture Protecting Prostitutes Protecting Prostitutes, Part 2 The Wealth Un-Race […]

Autumn Arrives in Portage Park

Here Goes Nothing!

I’ve just asked my hosting service to upgrade Windypundit to the latest version of the Movable Type blogging software. If you don’t see any more postings, you’ll know something went wrong. That’s not a knock against the fine folks at 2MHost, I’ve just done enough software upgrades to know things can go wrong.

Barbs Amidst Leaves

About Me

I mentioned earlier that Windypundit makes seven of Jakob Nielsen’s top ten blog design mistakes. I’ve fixed two of them by adding an “About Me” page to the left sidebar.

Two Views of Buffy

Time for some more Friday catblogging.