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One More Great American

Now that the search for the Greatest American is over, I’d like to add one more name to the list. This gentleman didn’t even make the top 100—probably because his greatest contributions occurred outside the United States—but he could well be the greatest American of all. I’m speaking of Dr. Norman Borlaug, winner of the […]

A Little Modern Crime Fighting

Here’s a really cool example of Chicago Police and residents working together to catch a criminal. The crime isn’t a huge one, but it’s interesting how this worked: The North Edgebrook community…police and residents were faced with an unusual problem: someone was vandalizing neighborhood signs and spreading large roofing nails at a busy intersection. The […]

Google Earth Public Release

Wow! 5000 hits today! Although I’d love for you folks to stick around and check out my blog, I suspect you just want to download the latest release of Google Earth Plus—3.0.0336 (beta)—which you can get here: Enjoy! Update: Google has suspended downloads. Better check the official page:

Don’t Touch That!

I got some interesting email today. It was titled “Link exchange proposal,” which I assumed was some other blogger who wanted to swap links with me. But as I was clicking on it, I realized that this had to be some kind of link scam. Bloggers don’t make agreements to link to each other. If […]

The Greatest American

Well, AOL‘s Greatest American contest is over. After months of voting, the previous list of 25 had been narrowed down to just 5: Benjamin Franklin Martin Luther King, Jr. Abraham Lincoln Ronald Reagan George Washington And the winner is…Ronald Reagan. Sigh. As I said earlier, these lists are silly. Actually, I take that back: Picking […]

Crime and Federalism

[Update: The authorship, content, and style of this blog has changed dramatically since my review.] Here on Windypundit, I rant about civil liberties and legal issues and frightening police behavior. Because of these interests, I end up reading a lot of blogs by criminal defense attorneys. However, I’ve noticed that these attorneys themselves don’t rant […]

Shame of the Windy City

The Chicago Sun-Times has an article about the Chicago Police Department’s “new effort to decrease demand for prostitution citywide with the threat of online humiliation.” That means that people who are arrested on prostitution-related charges will have their names, addresses, and mugshots posted on a Chicago Police website. A few thoughts: The site is called […]

Microsoft and Chinese Censorship

[Arg. Every time I fix a typo, MovableType re-pings a bunch of trackbacks. Sorry about the duplicates, folks.] I’ve been having trouble figuring out how to think about the issue of Microsoft’s censorship in China. Reporters Without Borders has been able to check that, as reported by several news agencies, when a Chinese blogger attempts […]

Alberto Gonzales Is a Fascist Pig!

Just wanted to make that clear. According to Declan McCullagh at CNET, Alberto Gonzales’s Justice Department is floating around the idea that Internet Service Providers should be required to retain records of their customers’ internet activities. Under the the Electronic Communication Transactional Records Act of 1996, these companies already have to preserve records of specific […]

Another Reason I Couldn’t Be A Criminal Lawyer

One of defense lawyer Norm Pattis’s ex-clients apparently wants to kill him. On the one hand, he’s got an internal justification for his actions (revenge), and he doesn’t seem like the type to care about the consequences. So he’s a serious threat in that sense. On the other hand, I don’t see how the guy […]


The news media have been having fun reporting that Glynn Birch, the new national president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, is a man. That MADD would chose a president who has never been a mother doesn’t surprise me a bit, but I’ll get back to that later. Meanwhile, lets look at a few excerpts from […]

Portrait of A Slashdotting

I few weeks ago I accidentally helped break the Google Earth story and got linked from Slashdot, which resulted in an inundation of visits to this site. People have been asking what that’s like. Take a look: You can see it all. The left half of the graph is my initial pitifully low traffic. On […]

Ripley Again

My wife pointed out I haven’t done any Friday Catblogging in a while, so here’s a picture of Ripley:


Over at AOL Television, they’re running a show called Greatest American on which they’re trying to pick…well I’m sure you get it. I’ve avoided many such lists in the past, like the AFI‘s list of the greatest 100 films, because if I do care about the subject, I have my own opinions, and if I […]

Google Earth, Second Beta

Update: Looking for the latest Google Earth beta? Go here. Google has released a new version of the Google Earth beta. This is version 3.0.0178, replacing bersion 3.0.0149. I described the first beta here. Also, Stephen DesRoches has a nice review. No new features, they say, but a few fixes: No more crashing on exit […]