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Random Scenes

Lately this blog seems to be all about the photography. I can live with that. Here’s a picture of some closeup damage of a burned-out house I passed near Elgin. I was trying for irony, but I don’t think it quite works. I’m not sure why. Here’s a nice shot of the street in front […]

Pet Show

This last weekend, my wife and I stopped by the Chicagoland Family Pet Expo. I took pictures. Most of them were pretty bad because I was trying to take them in ambient light with a handheld camera and they came out blurry because of camera motion. I also took a few pictures with the flash. […]

Citizen ICAM

I’ve added a new link in the Resources section to Citizen ICAM, the Chicago Police Department’s online map of recent criminal activity. It’s nice to see that my neighborhood is still remarkably free from criminal activity. When they first put this up, you could also use it as a shopping guide. Are you planning a […]

Road Trip

Last week I drove into Indiana to visit a couple of old friends from my days at the IIT Research Institute. I decided it would make a suitable topic for this week’s photoblogging. The trip started—as all trips beginning in Chicago must—with mind-numbing traffic. I had to drive from my house on the northwest side […]

Network Security

This is Buffy. I put up a picture of her first because she always hides when people come over. Many of our friends probably think she’s a figment of our imagination.


I think I’ve had enough template tweaking for a while, so how about some content? My wife gave me a digital camera for Christmas, so I’ve decided to try to learn photography. I’m just taking pictures of things, trying to teach myself how the camera works, and something about composition. Now that I’ve upgraded my […]

And We’re Back!

Well…I’m back. By now, the new nameserver entries should have propagated out to everyone who reads this. (I think there are a few of you.) Windypundit used to be served by a low-budget Windows-based business hosting service called LFC Hosting. For a pretty low monthly fee, they hosted both my business site and this blog. […]

Moving day…

Windypundit is moving to a new server. Back up in a few hours I hope.

Predicting Matt Hale’s Innocence

Well, he’s guilty of some stuff. But it looks like someone other than white supremacist Matt Hale was responsible for the February 28 killing of the husband and mother of United States District Judge Joan Humphry Lefkow. I’m guessing that this murder of a judge’s family hits a guy like Mike at Crime & Federalism […]

Area blogger amused by headline

Some of the folks in New Zealand aren’t happy with how Britain is complying (or not) with the Treaty of Waitangi which guarantees…well, I have no idea. What got my attention is one woman’s rather unusual method of protesting Prince Charles’ visit this week. As the MSNBC story headlines it, “Prince Charles faces bare-breasted protest.” […]

Let The Gun Do The Talking…

The Amazingly prolific and talented James Lileks is now doing some audio productions of something he calls the Diner. Think of it as the musical version of his other cultural commentary. His 3/4/2005 Diner is pretty good, but I have three gripes. First, it’s a little insulting that he thinks his readers wouldn’t recognize the […]

Rated R For Language and Mature Themes

After the Sprint post below, I decided to add content rating information to this site. I’m now rated by ICRA. I selected some pretty heavy content ratings. Although most of this site is rated PG, I’m clearly capable of going off the deep end now and then. Also, if violent or sexual topics come up, […]

Independent Judiciary

I don’t know who Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow is. I don’t know if she’s a good judge or one of the bad ones. But just a few days after discovering the murder of her husband and mother, she’s announced she’s going to return to the bench. “Nobody is going to intimidate me off my duty,” […]

Fucking Sprint!!!

I’ve fucking had it up to my fucking ears with those fucking fuckers at Sprint! Fuckers through and through! Fucker-coated fuckers with fucker centers! Fuck! I fucking hate those fuckers! Ahem…Sorry about that. There’s something about cellular rate plans that just pushes me over the edge… I’m about 15 months into my 2-year contract with […]