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Making More Business for the CDC

The CDC apparently decided to drum up some business for themselves back in the ’80s.

Toogood is News.

Wow. This blog’s stats have shot up noticably due to an amazing number of visits from people wanting to know more about Madelyne Toogood. Weirdly, several of them appear to be looking for nude pictures of her. I still don’t really think this story is worth the ridiculous amount of coverage it’s been getting, but […]

Not Toogood News.

If I ran a big-time news service, one of my policies would be to only run items as news that are really news. Here’s an example: Why is it news when Madelyne Gorman Toogood allegedly beats her daughter? She’s the Indiana woman who got caught on a parking lot video tape apparently punching her daughter […]

The Modern Business Relationship

Modern customer relations can be pretty strange. My wife bought a Dell laptop a few years ago, and that model turns out to have some problems with the batteries. Some unforeseen interaction with the charger can cause them to overheat and catch fire. It’s only actually happened once, and no one was hurt, but there […]

The Bigger Fool.

John Kass’s explanation of why Bob Greene had to be asked to resign is a little overwrought: She was in high school, brought to this newspaper by her parents. They trusted and respected him. They were in awe of him. And he did what he did with their daughter. I don’t care about sex lives […]

Why Nobody Takes the Libertarian Party Seriously.

I have a lot of sympathies for the ideals of the Libertarian party, but their campaigning skills leave a lot to be desired.

Bob Greene

In an amazing bit of local news, Chicago Tribune Columnist Bob Greene has resigned under pressure for “inappropriate sexual conduct some years ago with a girl in her late teens whom he met in connection with his newspaper column.” I quoted last part exactly because as fellow blogger and actual journalist Bill Dennis points out, […]

InstaPundit Number.

In the spirit of the mathematicians’ Erdos Number, I got the idea to introduce an InstaPundit number. I was going to call it a Reynolds Number because that sounds more scientific, but it turns out that designation is already used by fluid dynamics folks. Actually, it also turns out that Erik Jones at The Bind […]

Evacuation Engineering.

In one my September 11th anniversary postings I mentioned my initial back-of-the-envelope calculations on the World Trade Center death toll. My first thought had been that the World Trade Center holds 50,000 people and I might have just seen them all die. My brain eventually started working and I realized that people must have been […]

Cowardice, Part 2.

I’m writing today about a few things I would have written about last year if I’d had somewhere to write. When last year’s attacks started, President Bush was down in Florida. He broke off what he was doing and immediately boarded Air Force One. Instead of flying back to Washington, he flew to an Air […]

What is Terrorism?

I’m writing today about a few things I would have written about last year if I’d had somewhere to write. In the wake of 9/11, the question arose of how to tell the difference between war and terrorism. In particular, a lot of people tried to come up with a definition that made the attacks […]

Defense in Depth

While looking up information to write another post, I stumbled across this old Charles Murtaugh posting: So here’s my first blog rant of Spring. The papers have been full of detailed scientific stories about the physical circumstances that led to the collapse of the World Trade Center. I.e., did the physical impact of the hijacked […]

Cowardice, Part 1.

I’m writing today about a few things I would have written about last year if I’d had somewhere to write. Shortly after the attack on the World Trade Center, several people, including President Bush, called the perpetrators “cowards.” A mini-debate erupted over whether that term was appropriate. It’s a pointless argument. Naturally, I have an […]

9/11: My Memory.

I’m going to write today about a few things I would have written about last year if I’d had somewhere to write it. WindyPundit is not a diary blog, but I figured that on this anniversary of a very sad day I could indulge myself in a little bit of memory. I hope you’ll understand […]

Why They Hate Us.

As the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, I’m pointing out some classic articles. I previously recommended Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts’ column from the 12th predicting the American response and Afghan-American Tamin Ansary’s widely-circulated article in Salon which reminded us that the Afghan people are also the Taliban’s victims. For my last choice, I present Juan […]