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Comic Prejudice

I’m sure I’ve got the quote wrong, but I believe there’s an episode of the old Mary Tyler Moore show in which Mary is complaining to her boss Lou about her pay. In typical Lou fashion, he tries to reassure her that “It’s not because you’re not doing a good job. It’s just because you’re […]

Bill Dennis Rocks!

I just noticed in the stat logs that Bill Dennis gave me the traditional Bloggerville house-warming gift: A link from his Bill’s Content page. There’s only one referral in the logs, so I assume that was just Bill checking the link, but it was still cool. Thanks. [Note: This article has been updated to remove […]

“You monster. You beast. You unspeakable bastard.”

The Miami Herald has reposted Leonard Pitts’ columns about the events of September 11. The very first one, written on the 11th and published the next day, is the best thing ever written about the attack. They pay me to provide words that help make sense of that which troubles the American soul. But in […]

Whither Joe Batters?

I’m a generally law-abiding person. Yet as a life-long Chicagoan, I sometimes find myself strangely resentful of all the attention the New York mob gets from the entertainment industry. From Godfather to Goodfellas to Donnie Brasco, all the movies are about New York. Even Ben Siegel’s creation of Las Vegas (as depicted in Bugsy) is […]

Origami Boulder.

I’ll bet this unique and original sculpture sells bigtime with those folks at airports who confiscate tweezers and 3-inch toy rifles:

Sex Slaves to the Mob!

(Yes, I’m trying to get some hits with that title.) The Sun-Times articles I mentioned below include a story about some apparent Russian mob types who brought several Latvian women to Chicago with promises of big money for go-go dancing and then forced them to work in all-nude strip clubs and took all their money. […]

A Great Chicago Traditions Lives On!

The Sunday Chicago Sun-Times has an article about the decline of the Chicago mob. No story about the mob would be complete without mentioning Al Capone, and this is no exception. (As a Chicagoan, I’m still amazed by Capone’s lasting fame. Visiting college students from Egypt, India, and China all knew they were coming to […]

Jonah Goldberg Defends Bill Clinton!

Jonah Goldberg Defends Bill Clinton? No, not quite, but Jonah writes in defense of hypocrisy by society’s leaders, advancing the proposition that leaders should lie to hide their unseemly side, lest the masses mistake it for virtue and try to emulate it. I wonder if he felt that way about Bill Clinton. By this theory, […]

Going Public

Just flipped the Public bit on the Blogger settings page. Five hits so far, all from me. It’s a start.

Who Will Stop Us?

The good professor discusses Eric Alterman’s analogy between Iraq and Vietnam. He asks, So, the question raised by the Vietnam analogy here is: Are we serious about winning? And who, exactly, is going to intervene on a massive scale to stop us if we look like we’re going to win big? Well, there are several […]

Why Iraq?

Nick Gillespie suggests that Bush is eager to invade Iraq because it’s a lot easier to find than Osama bin Laden.

Safe Supermarket Discounting

Glenn Reynolds has been tracking worried comments by Susanna Cornett and Kim du Toit about the privacy hazards of supermarket discount cards. However, sometimes hi-tech problems have low-tech solutions. My friend Ken teaches information technology for MBA‘s, and in his security classes he shows them a stupidly simple way to avoid nearly all the privacy […]