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On the WikiLeaks Mess

This WikiLeaks business is bringing out the stupid on all sides. Start with all the folks who have been applying the Secret classification to all these diplomatic messages. From what I’m reading, most of latest batch of documents is utterly routine and pretty boring. The U.S. government produces classified documents at an insane rate, and […]

Scattershot 2010-11-27

Random shots around the web: Yet another reason why the U.N. is a joke. Why Ken Lammers should stay out of England. (Explanation) Why Canada’s Human Rights Commission is a joke and why Patrick at Popehat should stay out of Canada. It looks like music piracy is now a matter of homeland security. Why I’m […]

Infobleg – Suing Government Contractors?

I need to beg my legal readers for some information. I’ve been arguing with some guy in another blog’s comments that if the airport passenger checkpoints were operated by private security firms instead of a government agency, we’d have a better chance of suing the screeners when they do something wrong. My argument is based […]

Waiting For the TSA to Metastasize

The Transportation Security Agency’s latest plans to abuse passengers have attracted a lot of attention. People aren’t pleased at having to choose between body-imaging that shows all their naughty bits or a pat-down that that feels an awful lot like a sexual assault. Maybe this time the outrage will lead to action, and someone will […]

Crushing Immigrants’ Dreams

I’ve been following Jack Marshall’s Ethics Alarms blog for a few months now. He does a good job of discussing ethical issues in the news, but he also has some rather distasteful attitudes about immigration. In the past, I’ve been willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because his ethical opinion, however wrong-headed […]

Why Does Anyone Think Cops Know What Should Be a Crime?

Why does anybody pay attention to what law enforcement employees think should be a crime? This is from Michele Leonhart’s confirmation hearing as head of the DEA: “I’m a big fan of the DEA,” said [Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama], before asking Leonhart point blank if she would fight medical marijuana legalization. “I have seen what […]

Your Secrets Are Safe This Time

Jeff Gamso has a terrific post on why we shouldn’t believe the TSA when they claim that their full-nude body scans of passengers are completely secure and won’t be abused or disclosed. I have my own argument that I’ve used to respond to similar claims about government handling of our sensitive personal information. It goes […]

Sailing the Waters Of Civil Forfeiture

I’ve been writing about the un-American and totalitarian horror of civil forfeiture laws for a while, and I’ve been following the issue on and off for two decades, so the latest bit of outrage to make the rounds isn’t really a surprise: On Monday, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, the Missouri Highway Patrol and the […]

Police State Security Meets Puritan Morality

For almost a decade we have had heavy-handed rights abuses all in the name of keeping people safe from threats which kill far fewer people than traffic accidents do each year. We allow the files on your laptop to be perused with no cause. We take for granted that people can be detained indefinitely without being tried […]

Skyline – Review

I went to see the movie Skyline yesterday. I should have known better. The distributor has been advertising it like crazy, but as the release date approached, they didn’t preview it for movie critics. That usually means they’re trying to hide how much their movie sucks. And with a Metacritic score of 28 and 10% on […]

Do You Like Touching Children?

Attention, pedophiles! Do you like touching children? Well, if you haven’t been arrested yet, you’ve probably already applied for this job: God, I hate this kind of crap.

Orleans Parish Takes a Hostage

I’ve pointed out before that we have so many laws that allow police departments to seize cars that we’re turning our police forces into auto theft rings with badges. And I’ve commented several times on the police practice of conducting home invasions in the name of the War on Drugs. Now, it appears that Orleans Parish in Louisiana […]

No-Knock Warrants for Gambling

No-knock warrants are dangerous, lazy, and stupid. The usual excuse for them is they are necessary to protect the arresting officers. Of course, we know this to be a lame excuse. In civilized parts of the world police will often phone the suspect telling him he is surrounded and to come out of the house. […]

Bill Maher v.s. Sanity

I just found this video of Bill Maher’s commentary on Jon Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.” It’s a bizarre mix of a few good points and a lot of partisan hackery, so I thought I’d add some commentary. And, really, Bill Maher just makes me feel like ranting. With all due respect to […]

Bush Was Confused About Job Description

After reading some of the comments from GW’s recent NBC interview, I understand better the unconstitutional responses to 9/11 America is still suffering under. When questioned about the use of torture Bush’s response was: “I will tell you this: using those techniques saved lives. My job was to protect America. And I did.” We really […]