Mother Jones’s Weak Math

Steve Marmel posts this infographic he apparently got from Mother Jones magazine that purports to show institutionalized racism in Ferguson, Missouri: [Image reads: Institutional racism by the numbers. In 2013 in Ferguson: 483 black people were arrested, 36 white people were arrested, 92% of searches and 86% of car stops involved blacks.] I wonder if […]

On the Significance of Mass Shooters

Over at Reason, Nick Gillespie takes a look at spree-killer (and ex-cop) Christopher Dorner’s “manifesto” and pronounces it useless: If there is a message buried deep within Dorner’s incoherent litany of recriminations, anger, and random name-checks, it’s this: People who go on shooting sprees typically tell us very little about society at large. They are […]

Some Dog-Sniffing Math

In one of his posts today, New York criminal defense lawyer Scott Greenfield writes about the error rate for drug-sniffing dogs: More to the point was the dog hits simply aren’t anywhere nearly as worthy of credit as courts have held. Consider whether it would be equally acceptable for a cop to flip a coin […]

Mathematics In Gangland

Scott Greenfield, font of so much that I can riff off of, has a complaint about gang experts who try to paint every action by the defendant as related to his membership in a gang: If a defendant has a tattoo, the expert will testify that tattoos are “brands” typically worn by gang members.  If the […]

Knowing About Rape

Eugene Volokh catches an apparent problem in an article in Oregon State’s Daily Barometer: According to a press release issued by the Women’s Center, 2,000 rapes occur every five minutes. This amounts to the claim that, on average, every woman in the United States is raped once every 9 months, which is absurd. Eugene tracks […]

Yesterday I Couldn’t Spell Mathematishun…

I just heard a radio ad for Harper College that was…surprising. The ad lists off a bunch of pairs of things where one is greater than the other and eventually suggests that I’d be greater with a Harper education than without one. What caught my attention, however, was the very first pair of things listed, […]

InstaPundit Number.

In the spirit of the mathematicians’ Erdos Number, I got the idea to introduce an InstaPundit number. I was going to call it a Reynolds Number because that sounds more scientific, but it turns out that designation is already used by fluid dynamics folks. Actually, it also turns out that Erik Jones at The Bind […]