A Brief Explanation Of My Review Policy

Recently, a publicist offered me a free copy of a book that she was representing. In return, she hoped that I would post a review here on Windypundit. Based on her description of the novel as a legal thriller, I said “sure” and she sent me an e-book version for my Kindle. The book had […]


In my latest attempt to make blogging pay well enough to afford new camera equipment, I’ve started displaying Chitika search-targeted advertising. The cool thing about this is that all of you who read my blog regularly won’t be seeing any additional ads because of it. When somebody out there clicks on a link to Windypundit […]

Healthcare Blogging To Come

In the coming weeks and months, I’m planning to try to dilute some of the legal blogging on Windypundit with a little blogging about the healthcare crisis in this country. I should admit right here at the start that I’m woefully ignorant of how the healthcare industry works. It’s the biggest industry in the world, […]

Adorama Camera

Want to help me out at no cost to you? Read on. I buy most of my photographic equipment from Adorama Camera. Their site is well-organized and easy to search. For example, check out this page on 35mm & Digital SLR lenses (the link might be broken if you’re looking at this article in my […]

Choice, Reason, and Nick Gillespie

Nick Gillespie sent me a free copy of Choice: The Best of Reason, edited by Nick Gillespie, Reason’s Editor-in-Chief. I’ll be posting reviews of anything I find that’s interesting.


I use 2MHost for this blog. I like the service I get, and I recommend them. If you follow the link in the bar on the left, I’ll make money if you sign up. Thought you should know.


I’ve joined the Amazon.com affiliate program. If you follow a link from here to Amazon and order something, I make money.