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Mitsuwa Marketplace

My wife has developed a taste for snacking on Edamame (fresh ripe soybeans that have been parboiled and frozen) which we usually get with take-out sushi. She wanted some for tonight, so since we were in the neighborhood, we decided to check out the Mitsuwa Marketplace in Arlington Heights.

We found what we came for, but not much else. It’s not that they had a small selection—quite the opposite—but Mitsuwa just isn’t intended for people like us. We’re Americans who are interested in a taste of Japanese food, but we don’t know a lot about it. I guess what we wanted was an ethnic grocery, where the food is foreign, but it’s marketed and explained to us natives.

A place like Mitsuwa, however, is clearly intended for Japanese people who are looking for a taste of food from the old country. Most of the food had only Japanese labels, and even when there were American labels it didn’t help much, because we haven’t got a clue what the food is or how to prepare it.

I’m sure the food is superb, and if you already know all about Japanese cooking, this is the place for you.

As for my wife and I, next time we’ll just visit the ethnic foods aisle at Jewel.

Cursing Tim Cavanaugh

Curse you Tim Cavanaugh! Curse you for your slurs against Chicago’s finest culinary product!

This preening dickless bastard dares to impugn the wondrous food of the gods that is Chicago Pizza! That he apparently does so based solely on the claims of East Coast and foreign restaurants that claim to serve Chicago-style pizza just shows you what a biased, empty-headed, lazy “journalist” Tim Cavanaugh really is!

Check out this block-headed quote:

A few more successes like this and the truth that pizza is a thin, fused pastry that can only be ruined by toppings may begin to penetrate this bastion of thick-crust darkness.

Did he really say pizza is ruined by toppings? How clueless can one man get? That’s like saying that pornography is ruined by all the fucking!

A curse on you Tim Cavanaugh! A curse on you and your family even until the seventh generation!