The Wit and Wisdom of Allison Williams, Esq.

I’ve recently discovered a new member of the legal blogosphere, and I’d like to tell you a bit about how I found her. Although actually, she found me. I like getting comments on my blog. Years ago, I used to get a lot of comments. However, my blog traffic crashed a few years back when […]

Getting Important Information Out There

I don’t normally write about the blog marketing annoyances, but this one deserves a comment. Mark Bennett received a request from someone (I’m guessing this guy) asking for permission to repost some of his stuff: I have recently started a blog and would like to cross pol­li­nate with peo­ple such we your­self who obvi­ously see […]

Yeah, It Kinda Feels That Way…

Hat tip: Charlie Stross.

Why I Prefer My Readers

Today I happened to read a tweet from @furrygirl: It may seem like a childish metric, but as a general rule, you know how effective your activism is by how fiercely the state comes after you. She should know. In 2011, out of curiosity, she sent off FOIA requests to several government agencies for her […]

A Blogger Without a Clue

A couple weeks ago, Jack Marshall wrote a post criticizing the ethics of George Zimmerman’s legal team. Later that same day, California criminal defense lawyer Mary Frances Prevost at California Criminal Lawyer Blog wrote a post about the same subject. Her post used many of the same words. And rather a lot of the same […]

Chasing Jennifer

One of my regular blog reads is Ravings of a Feral Genius where Jennifer Abel rants about libertarian topics. Jennifer’s a writer by trade, not just by virtue of having a blog, which means she gets paid and published in real publications, the most prominent of which is probably her column in the Guardian. This […]

Marc Randazza – First Amendment Badass

I think I first heard of Marc Randazza when one of the other bloggers around here started calling him a “First Amendment Badass,” and that’s how I always think of him. I didn’t really encounter him, however, until Jon Katz posted this bit about Randazza a few years ago. I took the opportunity to poke […]

Jamison’s Tips For New Bloggers

Jamison Koehler has a post up on his blog offering tips for new bloggers. Although he wrote it specifically for legal bloggers, and some of the examples might not make sense if you don’t know the personalities, it’s good advice for anyone considering a new blog. If you’re thinking you might like to join the […]

I AM an SEO Badass!

That’s right! When it comes to search engine optimization, I can now claim to be one of the giants. Thanks to this post, Windypundit now owns the #1 and #2 Google search results for the phrase “Obama’s left testicle”.

The Conspiracy to Silence Lindsay Beyerstein

I’ve got to get the word out about Lindsay Beyerstein. I first encountered Lindsay a few years ago at Magikthise, her original personal blog. (That name sounds like one of the lesser-known Bond girls, but it’s actually a geek reference to a character — a philosopher, your basic working thinker — in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the […]

Gaming Alexa Blawg Rankings

About a month ago, although he expressed some doubts about the meaningfulness of blog ranking systems, Jamison Koehler published a list of 26 legal blogs along with their ranks according to the Alexa traffic rank tool. His blog’s Alexa rank of 2,011,842 put him at number 12 on the list, just behind me at number […]

Windypundit: Now With Less Libertarianism!

That’s right, from now on, Windypundit will have considerably less libertarian content. No, it’s not that I’ve converted to mainstream politics. It’s just that from now on, I’ll be posting most of my libertarian rants over at the new Nobody’s Business blog. The original Nobody’s Business blog was created by Rogier van Bakel, and named […]

So What’s a Good Feed Reader?

Bloglines is shutting down. Bummer. I knew it was coming. They’ve had the same stupid “Try Bloglines Beta!” banner up for about four years now, and as far as I can tell they haven’t released any new features the entire time. That’s no recipe for success. So now I need a replacement. I know I […]

Scott Greenfield Wants a Better SER

Scott Greenfield wants to improve his search engine results, so I’m writing this post to improve Scott Greenfield’s search engine results. If you want to know why Scott Greenfield would like a better search engine result, you can read the explanation from Scott Greenfield himself.

Met Some Nice Folks Today

I stopped by the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Chicago after the InsideCounsel Superconference today and finally met the man, Scott Greenfield, who’s a lot friendlier in person than you might think. The young lady with him is Chicago Twitter sensation Amy Derby. That’s probably not how she’d like to be introduced, but I don’t know […]