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Windypundit Technical Review

In an earlier post, I wrote, The whole point of a blog like this is to share everything on the site with literally anyone who wants to see it. In fact, I’ve gone through rather a lot of trouble to make sure that happens. That got me thinking about all the bits of technology that […]

A Bit Of Excitement Around Here

On a personal bloggy note, this past week I’ve started seeing signs that Windypundit is once again beginning to draw a bit of attention. The tweet for my post about the attempt to shut down the Bronx Defenders because of a rap video was retweeted by a relatively large number of people, starting with Gideon […]

2014 in Review

According to WordPress, 2014 was a slow year, with only 114 posts, almost a quarter of which were on a Saturday. And for the first time in years, the #1 post was not my anti-Sprint rant. Instead it was my post about the protests in Ferguson. In addition to the usual social media outlets, I […]

WordPress Jetpack Comments — WTF?

WordPress’s Jetpack plugin is a nice collection of features for bloggers. I host my blog on a server I pay for instead of on the big cluster because I appreciate the extra flexibility, but by using Jetpack, I can also get some of the more powerful cluster-based features, like improved search and uptime monitoring. […]

Site Meter WTF?

Have you been seeing pop-up ads on my blog? You see, a couple of days ago I was fiddling with some darned thing here in WordPress — I can’t remember what it was anymore — and I wanted to take a look at how the page lays out to ordinary people. As a logged-in WordPress […]

I Have Got to Start Writing Shorter Posts

It just feels like way too many of my posts are really long, including several that are in the pipeline. I have got to start writing more short posts. That is all.

2013 In Review

WordPress likes to send out a year-end review to all their JetPack users. Most of it is routine statistics I can find anywhere, but a few items are amusing. On my busiest day, my most popular post was “Yet Another Tale of the Awful, Awful People at ICE”. I think this line captures the essence […]

New Terms and Conditions

In keeping with tradition, I wanted my blog to have the most severe and over-the-top Terms & Conditions possible, with robust protection against spammers, lawsuits, and intellectual property theft. I could have engaged a lawyer to write them for me, or I could have researched it on the web and tried to write my own, […]

In Which I Decline a Prospective Content Partnership

The Popehat folks are far better at this sort of thing, but let me give it a try. I got this email with the subject “Content Partnership”: Hey there Mark, My name is Sladen West and I wanted to discuss the possibility of some sort of content partnership with you and I do a lot of writing in […]

No April Fools For Me

I’ve decided that running April Fools Day prank posts is not a good idea for me. I let Eric Turkewitz talk me into it last year, and the only people I fooled were my loyal readers. That’s not the relationship I want to have with them. I don’t expect readers to agree with me or […]

2012 in Review

Here at Windypundit, 2012 was the year in which: The inevitable drug war deaths remained inevitable. I spoke up for sex workers, although, really, it was just a bunch of links. I became a friend of whores. I explained why criminal violence against the police is not the best response to criminal violence by the […]

Windypundit On WordPress

This is it, the new WordPress version of Windypundit. There are lots of tweaks and changes still to come, but I think I can go ahead and make the switch now and worry about the details later. Some of you may have noticed that Windypundit was off the air for a while. Yeah, well, it […]

Moving to WordPress – Part 3: Blogroll

I’ve been blogging about the experience of moving Windypundit from Movable Type to WordPress. In Part 1, I described the process I developed for moving over all the posts. In Part 2, I talked about the development of the new Windypundit site. The one thing I still had to do was to re-create the blogroll […]

Moving to WordPress – Part 2: New Website

If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve given up on Movable Type as a blogging platform, and I’m moving this blog to WordPress. In Part 1 I explained why moving 10 years of blog posts with minimal link breakage was a lot of work. Of course, I’ll have to have some place to move […]

Moving to WordPress – Part 1: Content

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am done with Movable Type, and I’m in the process of moving this blog to WordPress. That turns out to be a lot easier said than done. (Warning: Much technical computer geekery ahead.) WordPress has a Movable Type import tool, but It doesn’t solve what I consider […]