How Big Is That Spaceship?

I think I just found the coolest website ever. Do you want to know how big the spaceships are on Star Trek? Star Wars? Farscape? Want to know how the Serenity compares to a Boeing 747?   Or how about the International Space Station, the original series Enterprise, the battleship Yamato, and the next generation Enterprise?   […]

Mark Is Stunningly Brilliant Except When It Comes to Classical Mythology

[Note: Ken neglected to provide a title for his first post, so I made one up. — Mark] Classical mythology is, perhaps, far more ingrained in Western society than my co-blogger Mark may realize. From a scientific perspective it would appear that the only contribution is to naming conventions for some astronomical objects and some […]

Damn the Gods

I just watched the 2010 remake of Clash of the Titans. It was an unpleasant experience on several levels. First of all, it’s just not a very good movie. Some of the effects are cool, but mostly it’s kind of boring. The filmmakers seem to think that fast and furious violence will make up for […]

Google Earth Meets the Prado Museum

If you’ve ever used Google Earth—or it’s online cousin Google Maps—you know you can pan around an image of the Earth and zoom in on interesting stuff. As an experiment, the folks at Google have worked with the Prado Museum in Spain to digitize 14 of their paintings and make them available online using the […]

The Great Museum Flash Scam

Virgina Postrel writes, The anti-photo policies of museums don’t necessarily make sense, except as some kind of revenue enhancer. Prohibiting flash is one thing. And I don’t blame the Louvre for blocking photos in the often-crowded Italian painting gallery. But prohibiting all photos in an uncrowded museum filled with works in the public domain is […]

The Monster Engine

Radley Balko has found a really cool book by artist Dave DeVries called The Monster Engine. He takes kids’ pencil and crayon drawings of monsters, and he repaints them with a more realistic look, adding 3D shadows, colors, etc. Click on the child’s image below to see what he did with it: You can see […]

Quiz time: Is it Art

Quiz time: Is it Art or Porn? I got 8 out of ten right. Because I know a lot about art. (Hat tip: I respectfully dissent)

Lord Con’di

A lot of people noticed that the picture of Condoleezza Rice in yesterday’s USA Today looked a little funny. To a Stargate SG-1 fan like me, it suggested nothing less than a host’s eyes glowing brightly as the controlling Goa’uld System Lord within reveals its malevolent presence. The question is not whether this was photoshopped, […]

Get Yourself Killed

Got a few dollars to spare? Here’s one way to spend it.

Lake Shore Drive

My friend Ken used Google Earth to make this little movie of one of Chicago’s more famous streets: LSD.wmv (Warning! Hi-Res 41.6 MB download!) It’s all pretty basic, but I like it.

Tom Swift, Jr: An Appreciation

I stumbled onto Jeff Duntemann’s “Tom Swift, Jr: An Appreciation” and it really brought back the memories. I remember looking over the shelves of yellow-spined books at Bargaintown (which turned into Toy’R’Us at some point), studying the covers to choose which one to read next. I was born in 1964, so the timing worked out […]

Origami Boulder.

I’ll bet this unique and original sculpture sells bigtime with those folks at airports who confiscate tweezers and 3-inch toy rifles: