Mark Bennett Throws His Hat in the Ring

Oh my God. Seriously? Houston criminal defense lawyer Mark Bennett has just announced on his blog that he’s running for office as a Judge on the Texas Court of Appeals. It even brought Old Man Greenfield out of retirement.

The good news is that he’d be a great person to have on the bench. The bad news is that he’s running on the Libertarian ticket. To which I can only respond:

Mark, my friend. You’re running as a Libertarian? Do you realize they are insane? Are you insane? You haven’t got a chance. Not prayer, not a hope. If I hooked up an electron microscope to the Times Square JumboTron, it wouldn’t be powerful enough to see the infinitesimally small possibility that the voters would pick a Libertarian, let alone a Libertarian criminal defense lawyer. It just can’t work.

So how can I help?

Update: A couple of weeks ago, in response to Scott Greenfield’s announcement that he was shuttering his blog, Mark Bennett wrote:

…some day–probably very soon–someone will publicly say something so outrageously stupid, illogical, unethical or ugly that it will pull Scott back in.

Congratulations, Mark, on being the one!

2 Responses to Mark Bennett Throws His Hat in the Ring

  1. I had a great comment in mind and was just about to post it when I saw what “auto insurance” wrote. Then I started laughing and forgot what I was about to write.

    Perhaps the best spam comment I’ve seen in a long time. You should be applauded for approving it.

  2. I don’t moderate comments, so when stuff like that gets through my spam filter, it just sticks around until I get around to deleting it.

    Lately, I’ve been getting hit by a fairly sophisticated series of spam comments. I think they’re scraping other blogs for comments and pulling out sentences to use as text in their spam. Apparently they have enough variety to sneak past Akismet.

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